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Getting out of the kitchen

I'm in a small kitchen. It's rather shabby and outdated. Completely unfamiliar to me. Even though I don't see the rest of the house, I know it's a small house, also shabby and outdated. I don't know why I'm there. I don't know who owns the house or who lives there. I'm concerned that someone might come in and find me in the kitchen and call the police. I search but there's no exit door so I can't leave. Suddenly, my sister is with me. She's puttering about the kitchen. I ask her if this is her house. She says no. I tell her we need to leave before we're caught here. I have this strong sense of urgency. It's imperative we leave immediately. My sister tells me to relax, everything's fine. I make another circuit around the kitchen, looking for a way out. What doors there are don't open and the windows are fake. My sister seems completely unconcerned, making fun of me as I seek a way out. Then I hear voices coming near, as if people were walking towards our location. The voices are male and there are at least three different voices, so three different men. I can't make out what they're saying. All I know is we need to get out of there and fast, before we're discovered.

Somehow I get one of the doors open. It leads to a fenced in backyard. I grab my sister and drag her after me into the yard. The house door slams shut behind us. My sister looks around. Asks me what I think I'm doing, she was comfortable in the kitchen. I tell her we have to escape before the people realize we're gone. She shakes her head, tells me I'm coming unglued, and then she heads back towards the house. I call after her, telling her she's making a huge mistake. She points out the yard is completely enclosed, with no gate, and asks how I plan to get out. I tell her there's always a way out, it's just a matter of finding it. She laughs, makes a dismissive gesture, and tells me good luck with that. I tell her I'm leaving, with or without her. She mimics my words back at me, then tells me to have fun finding my way out. The back door begins to open. I don't wait any longer. I take a running start, then leap up the fence to grab the top. Hoist myself atop the fence. Take one quick look back at my sister. She's not even paying attention now; she's scoping out some plants in a planter next to the door and the back door is almost all the way open. I roll over the top of the fence to the other side and then I'm awake, my heart racing as if I'd just been running at breakneck speed.


Even though the woman represented as my sister, she did not look like my sister, didn't sound like her, and she certainly didn't act like her. The feel of it was someone playing at being my sister for some reason.
Hey DLP - I came here this morning to post my dream from last night. Before I posted it, I read your dream and thought it was interesting that I had old house and leaping over fencing in my dream. If you have time, please read my dream from last night, "Old House and Yard Dream" and let me know if anything sounds familiar. Now I am even more curious about what is going on in that house.
I can only hope that my dreams come back with this level of detail, and DLP, yours and Julie's have some similarities which I find fascinating.

DLP - What did your sister look like? Was she older, younger, anything that gives her character extra meaning here?

Could she even be a part of you that's less aware, while the other half is ultra-aware?
Off to read Julie's dream...

GG: My "sister" had dark hair in the dream and was slender. She has red hair and is not slender in real life.
In my dream, the woman that came out of the house was thin with dark brown hair. I had the feeling she was someone that worked in the house, not someone who lived in the house. And you mentioned 3 men in your dream and I had 3 woman in mine.

(01-12-2017, 01:05 AM)ThePaladin Wrote: Off to read Julie's dream...

GG: My "sister" had dark hair in the dream and was slender. She has red hair and is not slender in real life.

Note: ThePaladin and I do not know each other. I don't even know what state or country she lives in.

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