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1/24/2017 11:33pm Mike Pence
I see vice president Mike Pence, he is shaking as if in an earthquake but everything around him is standing still.

I see the number 4 four times above a symbol that is just above Pence's head.

The symbol is black with white "lettering" the lettering looks very strange, it looks like the following alchemy symbol, but it was up/down, not side/side.

[Image: 130px-0,94,0,91-Alchemy-_extraction_of_dryness.png]

The dream changes in the blink of an eye, and now I am experiencing a normal day to day dream state for learning.
Windy, the symbol reminds me of Neptune's trident. And I just saw a line in the botrun for today that to me, made a water reference.

guest beach ended january

To me that means another Gulf disaster, guest beach meaning tourism, but of course it could be any shoreline where tourism is a commodity. Now, closing of our shorelines could also mean some kind of closing of our shores for national safety reasons as well.

Just some thoughts.... Big Grin
Turns out the symbol i saw was a little different from the one above...

It is lead:

   Lead is the first and oldest of the seven metals of alchemy. It is associated with the operation of Calcination.


   (see White Phase)

Liquor Hepatis

   Liquor Hepatis was the name given to a sulfurous liquid used by the alchemists. Considered the arcanum of the soul, Liquor Hepatis was prepared by distilling a solution of sulfur, lime, and sal ammoniac. The early alchemists secured lime (calcium oxide) by heating limestone and made sal ammoniac (ammonium chloride) by gently heating camel dung in sealed containers. The distillation for Liquor Hepatis produced a combination of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gases. Since no solids precipitated, alchemists considered this an ascending reaction only. That was a significant fact to the Egyptians, who associated the Liquor with the soul. They believed the soul resided in the liver, and the reddish-brown color of Liquor Hepatis convinced them they had isolated the soul's essence. The name comes from "hepar," the Greek word for liver. The Liquor exuded an unnatural, pungent odor that the alchemists found quite mysterious. They assumed it was due to an ethereal presence concealed in the sulfur and activated by the fertile principle in ammonia. To the Egyptians, the odor symbolized a soul or a spiritized presence hidden within the liquid. They solidified that presence by adding wax and fat to Liquor Hepatis and turning it into a thick paste. The emulsion became known as the Balsam of the Alchemists or Balsam of the Soul. The possibility of coagulating an invisible potential into a second body, like a balsam, became a basic tenet of alchemy.


   The litharge (or letharge) is the left-over scum, spume, or ashes of a metallic operation.
Well...lead is a homonym. What if things shake up and he now leads? Or he he can't help lead.
I was thinking more along the lines of the lead in the water... like in flint Michigan. Interesting definition though by Google.

1. cause (a person or animal) to go with one by holding them by the hand, a halter, a rope, etc., while moving forward.
"she emerged leading a bay horse"
2. be in charge or command of.
"a military delegation was led by the Chief of Staff"

Maybe he will have more of a hand in leading this country then we think?

I thought that Egyptian stuff about liquid for the soul was interesting though.
What are your impressions of what the 4444 represents?
4 is interesting. My daughter had a dream/vision with four Four times a few weeks ago.
It was like four corners, but in the number format around the lead symbol....

Reminded me of the free mason corner stones. I have no clue though what it means.

Wait, a square with a 4 at each corner. The above Symbol was inside of a circle and the circle was inside of the square...

[Image: a2eea21f-8422-40d1-a56f-2256f7ed8ecf.png]

Okay I think i got it, let me upload this bad boy!

Windy, I just ran across a phrase I had never heard of before in a news article.
The Fourth Estate-
The Forth Estate is ...The Press. With what you saw being free mason stones, this really reminds me of what is going on right now in the US. Our other "check and balance" of sorts.
Okay so to recap on the clues:
Mike Pense Shaking, nothing else around him is.
Lead (Leadership) or lead (the metal)
The press (the fourth Estate)

I still feel like there is a fourth clue missing. It has something to do with the circle inside of the square, like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit.
inner circle?
Oh yeah that is good.... makes sense too.

So we know that trumps inner circle is his kids, and possible Mike Pense but who would be Mike Pense's inner circle.
Interesting news this morning....
Indiana: Incoming Gov. Mike Pence's inner circle includes old, new hands
By associated press • 12/16/12 12:00 AM

Pence's staff says he likes to chew over an issue extensively before presenting it to the public, and wants to hear from multiple sides before making up his mind.

Plenty of Pence people will play roles in Trump administration

Don’t look now: It’s President Pence! Donald Trump can be deposed, even without impeachment

Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Article 4.
The 25th Amendment was added to the Constitution after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and provides for the replacement of the vice president if the office becomes vacant. (So it led indirectly to the presidency of Gerald Ford, the only American president who was never elected to any national office.) But Section 4 is about something else entirely:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

A temporary transfer of power has happened a handful of times since the Kennedy assassination, once when Ronald Reagan had cancer surgery and twice when George W. Bush underwent colonoscopies. Most people have thought of the 25th Amendment as a way to deal with a president who has had a heart attack or a stroke and has become incapacitated, as Woodrow Wilson did, with his wife effectively assuming the duties of the presidency for the remainder of his term.

But the language of the amendment clearly encompasses other scenarios besides physical incapacitation. This topic was a subject of discussion toward the end of the Reagan administration, when it became obvious that the president was suffering a loss of cognitive ability. It wasn’t invoked then but as we now know, Reagan was indeed suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Had it become more acute or obvious while he was in office, Congress might well have had to take action as laid out in the amendment.

It’s obvious that Trump has a narcissistic personality, which in itself is not disqualifying. He’s not the first president to have one; nor will he be the last. But his issues seem to run deeper than that. Some observers have suggested that he shows the characteristics of classic psychopathy. And there are plenty of people who see his behavior as blatantly self-destructive.
This crap is never ending!
This dream and all of the comments in the discussion intrigues me. Not dreams but I just had a feeling all along Trump would win. Then several months before the election I kept suddenly and randomly hearing out of the blue "Mike Pence will be President" or "Pence is in the Oval Office" . (When in the middle of other stuff and not at all thinking about the election). I have had several random fleeting images recently of him being sworn in as President as well. This dream seems to possibly imply similar.

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