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1/31/2017 Space view - Earth trembles - mind reading
I am in space but in a digital version of space, like the matrix everything is a blue light, white light, or black. I am looking down at the earth over the US, I am further away than normal. I see the whole earth trembling and shaking. I get the feeling this is a metaphor but I am not certain of that.

I call out for my guide but he does not show.

I do not like being this far out and in this different digital version. I look behind me and that is when i realize i am not in space, I am in some kind of small room with lots of computers, buttons, and switches. I yell out "Is this a cyber dream about the earth shaking?"

I hear a computer voice that sounds like the Apple Siri voice, "The web is vulnerable", I tell the computer "that is not what I asked you", "The grid will be down today" the computer replied, "What is today" I ask "Mike Pense Appreciation Day" it replies.

I get the feeling that I am being played with, this is some twisted version of day residue because the facts are all twisted up.

I turn away from the room and back to the window and I think to myself "I will have to figure this out by myself", the computer behind me says "Without me, you can't" I tell the computer, "Now you are reading my thoughts huh?"
"Whoops" the computer says...

I yell out, "I AM NOT AMUSED!"

I woke up yelling!
Shaking and Mike Pence again?! Wow Windy, this is one to think about and keep an eye on. The shaking could have to do with the earth, society being shaken, upheaval in government, maybe you should focus on that aspect to try and decipher.

Interesting that the computer seems to have a wicked sense of humor....

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