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2/16/17 GPS in Nature
Trending: gps nature center trip breathe scare magic watched avoid memory mom wed girl change maybe jumping arm fire attack class food tree yesterday lord sent arrived fighting free gab awakening
Waning: elevator stop kiss night heavy dreamed somewhere yes 2016 getting spell sat hit truck had car people nice portal days

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Hmmm... Nice was in the trending words last couple of days. Now waning but these together sound like a reference to the attack in Nice, France last year:

2016 getting hit truck people nice

Could this be a warning something similar is coming again?
Nice catch, DB (Dreambotcomments)! (Just the bot spot, not the event....)
Agreed Dreambot.  This happened in the recent past, a reference to Nice and then a copycat like event.
I am very curious about GPS.  Is it referring to the US Government GPS or similar systems used by other countries.  Is it military related or nature related?
gps nature center trip breathe scare magic watched avoid-  GPS devices are used to help with many worldwide events and landscapes including but not limited to monitoring glaciers and predicting volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and flash floods.  If breathe scare is part of GPS  nature center perhaps a volcano eruption followed by earthquake or tsunami might fit here.  We watch these things in hopes of avoiding devistation.
That's if GPS is really GPS. This talk about Nice has reminded me how the bot plays games with phrases and double meanings.....

And actually GPS in nature could relate to the earth's magnetic field.

Which could have the tie in to the dreams of birds falling from the sky...
sat hit truck had car people nice-
In a Nice like incident , a drunk driver plowed into cars before hitting around 28 people during a pre Mardi Gras parade celebration on Sat.Terrorism is NOT suspected in this case.

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