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Between 6:16 to 8:30 am.

Dreamed I was at a cabin in the woods with deep valley like terrain, maybe the Appalachian Valley. The cabin had a small balcony, extended further to be over a deep ravine (guessing it was set up with cleaning fish in mind as it was over a small creek area). It was late, nearing dusk. I could see over the hills to a deeper valley before that I had never seen flooded or have a lake before. In my dream, I must have been here all my life to think this. Anyways, I saw a massive tsunami roll over through this valley, and cresting the hills nearest to me. It came up to the cabin, rolled around and began to withdraw backwards again. When I looked into the valley again, it had a large lake in it.
Thanks Silvermitt. I've also had water dreams like that recently. Huge amounts of water where there hadn't been any before.

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