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No intention set

1) I'm sitting in a doctor's office, completely dressed but parked on the exam table. Doc-my oncologist whom I haven't seen in years-enters the office. He hands me one of those little paper cups nurses use for multiple meds and a paper cup filled with water. I scope out the collection of pills-capsules and tablets-then glance at him. He grins at me and says, This is the last round. After this you're finished. I blink at him and say, That's good because I didn't know I was sick. He thinks this is very funny. I ignore him laughing himself silly and study the meds again. End of this snippet. No clue if I took the meds or not.

2) I'm working as a pit crew member for a NASCAR team. We're practicing the drill going over the wall. I'm holding a fuel canister, waiting for the signal. Crew chief approaches me. Tells me to take a break and walk with him. I put down the canister and remove some of the protective gear. Follow him to a quiet, fairly isolated section of our area. He faces me, cocks his head, and talks to me but I don't remember anything he said. I know I stood there, listening and inserting comments occasionally, but I remember nothing of our conversation. When he finished talking, I woke.

Random thoughts:

As I'm typing this, I realize both snippets were messages of sorts. Now to figure out the messages.

I've come off a monthlong series of illnesses, starting with a cold and ending with a massive sinus infection that involved massive doses of antibiotics that took a week to take effect so my face didn't feel like it had been hit with a sledge hammer. However, I don't think that had anything to do with the first snippet. For one thing, the doc didn't say I was sick, I just assumed that's what he meant. Thinking back, he could have meant something else entirely.

The snippet didn't indicate which NASCAR team I was on, just that it was NASCAR. The fact I was the fuel person strikes me as important in some way. Wish I could remember the conversation between the chief and me.
Saw this today.
Hunh. This on top of looking out the window and seeing our neighbor sticking a DE Jr. flag into a holder.

Either I'm getting something about him or about the race this Sunday.
Nascar news.

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