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3/1/17 "Airplane Emergency Blocked"
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Dream class airplane emergency blocked seems to imply that whatever airplane emergency there may have been has been blocked, at least for the time being.
That's funny because I read the next word as well and interpreted it differently (although I like yours better).

dream class that would be us
airplane emergency the dreams
blocked dreams basically taking over our psyche. More than a single dreamer. A block of dreams.
The dreamliner is an aircraft made by Boeing:
I think you may be correct because the vibe I get of the airplane issue is it's a crux point, a fixed event in time that will happen. Sure, it's possible to "kick that can down the road" but doing that does nothing but intensify the event. Make it even more...MORE, if that makes any sense. As odd as this may sound, I would rather get it over with and get on with dealing with the aftermath than wait for that shoe to drop even harder than it would have.

(03-01-2017, 08:39 PM)Dreamcat Wrote: The dreamliner is an aircraft made by Boeing:

That's interesting, especially in light of how many people have dreamed of passenger airlines going down.
I don't think this run means the airplane thing won't happen. It only means that if you assume those three words go together with no punctuation. But airplane emergency, blocked dreams would imply a totally different meaning (just from a comma)-- that an airplane emergency gets in the way of people fulfilling their dreams. No way to know. It could also mean that there's an airplane emergency and some element is blocked (the passengers that stopped a 9/11 plane from its intended target comes to mind. Or it could mean airplane emergency blocks other flights from flying. Or the blocked may have nothing to do with the airplanes at all. I'd love if this means it's not happening but I fear it still is.

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