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Weekend dreams, 5/20,21/17
Many dreams this weekend that had the feel of a Matrix movie.

In one dream I was in a building that felt like an office building. I needed to go up to the next floor to my office. When I tried to take the stairs it was blocked, when I tried to take the elevator, it was not working. I walked around trying to find an elevator that worked. Someone said, go down that hallway. The walls were wood paneling, all curved. The hallway then opened to a 70's style cafeteria with rust/orange/brown shag carpet. There were people everywhere having lunch. I asked someone where the restroom was and she pointed to a hallway. I walked down the hallway and then walked into a space that looked high tech. I noticed a man pushing a gurney and there was a man strapped down on the gurney. I stopped him and asked, is this a place for mentally ill people. He said, no. I asked, then why is this man strapped down to the gurney. The man said, oh that's because he was outside too long. He then continued down the hallway pushing the gurney. My next thought was, I need to get out of here. End of Dream.

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