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What to do with Exploded Jesus
20170618-Dream-What to do with Exploded Jesus
08:30 PST

The dream begins with Mary Magdalene working at a barbecue concession in a park. She is depressed but has shown up for work anyway. She is pushing a couple of burgers around on the grill. It is a sunny day, beautiful in the park, and visitors are starting to get lunch and eat at the old wood picnic tables.

She is depressed because Jesus has exploded. There are bits of him scattered all around the dining area. “What a mess!” she says to me. “What are we going to do now? And what are we going to do about all these pieces?”

“Maybe we should just leave them where they lie,” I suggest. “They are small enough. No one will know or mind too much, and they will just go back into the cycle of nature. I don’t know...”

But I pick up a garden rake, more for something to do than any plan, and begin to rake up the bits of Jesus. The scraps are very small, and they look more like beef jerky than anything recognizable. Mary Magdalene watches me raking as she continues to make hamburgers.

“What are you going to do with the bits?” she asks me.

“I don’t know,” I say, “Maybe I will put them in a glass case.”
I look down to see a shallow case in white metal enamel, standing on end like a bathroom medicine cabinet, but with a glass front and a fluorescent light inside. There is a mound of jerky bits inside on the bottom. As I watch, the bits leak out of small holes at the bottom of the case.

“No,” I tell her, “that’s a bad idea...”

But I am looking at the rake. It was a bit rusty with a splintery, well-weathered handle and some dried mud on some of the tines. But now the metal part of the rake is as shiny as a liquid mirror, glinting in the sunlight. The handle has become polished and new. I am moving it through the dirt and leaves, and it works just like any other rake, but even mud will not stick to it.

The pile of exploded Jesus bits grows larger. The dream ends and we have not decided what to do with them.

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