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Giant Red Toad
I was a child playing in the beginning of this dream. I was in a thick forest running through trees when I heard a call to come home. It had been raining and I slipped through the mud a bit as I ran home. My home, in the dream, was behind these thick red and gold walls, there was a giant double-doored gate that led in, but I noticed a small hole in the side and slid in through there instead. Once inside, I started patching the hole with wood and things I had around.

I had to walk through a garden and as I walked through I harvested all of the fruit and vegetables I saw that were ripe. The bushes all looked the same as far as having the same rounded leaves, but there were so many things growing in the bushes like Bananas, apples, berries, carrots just growing off branches as if they weren't roots... and then I saw meat balls. Meatballs just growing like berries, so I plucked those as well.. then under the bushes I could see steak growing. Slab after slab. I didn't know what to do with those, actually, so I left them alone.

I put everything into a basket at the end of the row and made my way to this very big building. It looked a lot like maybe an Asian building of some kind. Maybe an Asian temple? At any rate, before I could enter the ground began to shake and move and this loud voice started speaking to me. It thanked me for patching the wall and mentioned something having broken into it earlier. I was this thing's child in the dream and I saw this thing talking to me as a massive red toad covered in all kinds of gold adornments. The wall and temple were built on its back and it asked me if I wanted to play a game and gave me a choice between two games I have never heard of before. I picked one and this ball just appeared out of thin air and flew past me. It bounced on the wall and rolled by my feet and I grabbed it and went running in the direction it had appeared. Then it disappeared from my hands and did it again. I guess I was playing catch? Anyway, after playing I went into the temple to see my mother. She looked human but had on a very fancy dress which was cream, yellow and gold. She patted me on the head and told me what a good boy I was. I was surrounded by maids, but there was one that was very different somehow. My mother sent me to her to get cleaned up, and before I could see her face I switched from being the boy to being the maiden.

I now had a good look at the little boy... he looked like he was somewhere between the age of 6 and 8. I took the little boy to a huge wash room and had him undress and gave his garments (which were also red and gold) to another woman to be washed. As I bathed him I stressed the importance of not running off because many people and things were looking to harm him. We also were silly together and told jokes. I cared about this little boy very much... I also felt very responsible for his development and so I felt it was my responsibility to keep him grounded.

When I finished bathing him, he went to spend time with his mother and I went to the garden again to harvest all of the foods growing on the bushes. If felt like I spent HOURS there... just before I finished the little boy came back and demanded I feed him. I told him it was not time for dinner yet and that he would have to be patient. He paced and whined and stomped his feet and I told him to look around because EVERYONE was hungry. I told him that when It was time to eat he would have plenty to eat, but for now it was time for normal people to work so that they COULD eat. I told him his food didn't just magically appear on his plate, (Though it did somehow magically appear in the bushes) but that many people had to work hard to produce the food that he ate. I stood up and pointed to the hundreds around me working for him to see. For just a second I could see the wheels spinning in his head but then he shook his head and stomped his feet again demanding to be fed, so I pointed to the bushes and told him to feed himself then. He grabbed one of the steaks growing from under the bushes and ran off. It confused me that he would take that and not something ready to eat already because the steaks were very raw... but I didn't think much about it and went back to work.

He came back a short while later and showed me his steak and had me take a bite. He had brought it to someone else to cook but didn't want to wait for it to be done so it was very, VERY rare. I kinda wanted to be sick, but I managed to hold it together and talk to him about learning to be more patient because it would be something he would need to learn to develop properly.

At the end of the day I went into the temple exhausted and wanting a hot shower. When I got in I found that the boy was using it in spite of having been bathed earlier. I was a bit annoyed when he came out and he asked what was wrong. I told him that I needed a shower but now I wouldn't be able to have one. He said that was silly and that I should go right in. I asked if there was any hot water left and he said no but that he will have more made for me. I told him that would take hours and I was very tired and I might as well just go to bed without one and take one in the morning. He was confused so I told him that time was precious and it took a lot of work for hot water to be produced in the boiler room and that at this time everyone wanted and needed to rest. The water left at the end of the day was meant for people like me who got dirty after working long hours in the day, and now that he has used all of the water for himself, those who worked hard would have none. He looked up at me with the most upset and concerned face and apologized and it felt like the first time he had thought of someone other than himself which made me insanely happy. I felt like he had a hard time feeling compassion for others, so I was happy that he was beginning to understand that others had feelings, needs and wants too.

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