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Triangle Alter and Strange Figurines
I can't remember the beginning of this dream exactly but it involved traveling along side an ex of mine named Michael. I felt hurt and annoyed having to be around him but for some reason had to. We were running from something, though I can't remember what, and we came across this strange stone building/ structure. The building itself is hard to describe. It was shaped like a triangle inside of another triangle and seemed to be made of the same type of stuff pyramids were made of... but was not a pyramid. It was not bricked, the walls were very smooth. The building had a back wall but no front wall... The outer triangle had very strange and beautiful carvings on it, the inner triangle had finer more detailed carvings on it. Lots of beautiful designs and maybe some sort of language? I'm not sure because my focus was on what was inside. There were stone steps that led into the pyramid and inside was a huge alter with many little figurines and things on it. Some were made of hand carved stone or wood. Some were molded clay. Some were of crystals. There was glass over the items as if it were a display case. It was very strange to look at. It looked like a huge collection of different culture's things, because each thing had a different feel and look about it. As I looked at these objects, a woman dressed in an old, white robe stood behind me and asked me which was my favorite. I told her that it was hard to choose because they were each so beautiful and unique, but there were two that I loved the most out of them all. One was made of a collection of purple iridescent stones. It seemed to embody every color and made me think of the universe when I looked at it. I loved that one a lot, but the one I loved most was a collection of pink stones and objects rolled into a ball. It was so beautiful to me and glowed with a soft pink light and THIS was my favorite of all the little figurines. When I told her that she got very excited. She told me that because it was my favorite it meant that the thing I cherished most was love. I got a glance of my ex before I woke up who was staring at the opposite side of the alter towards the darker black stones and carvings and felt very sad for him.

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