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Sinking sub and crowded shelters
4 August 2017

No intention set

A series of dreams that seemed isolated but could be related:

1)Viewing a submarine crew at work. The boat is under ice and the ice cracks and falls away as the boat rises to the surface. Everyone cheers as the boat breaks through the ice. Then the crew goes outside. The captain and another officer are standing in the tower, watching the crew on the deck checking to see if there was any damage to the sub as it rose through the ice. Capt. gives orders to prepare to set sail. Then the sub is at sea, below the surface. Something's wrong. No chaos but an air of frantic attempts to fix something. There's water coming into the sub. I know they're going down and there's nothing they can do to stop it from happening.

2)Watching a TV news report of a missing US sub that was sailing in the deep ocean. The sub is presumed lost at sea with all hands. Search and rescue attempts are hampered by the depth of the last known location.

3) Aerial view, like from a drone, of a Navy battleship sailing full steam ahead. Blue skies and calm seas. There is no sound. Reminds me of a US Navy commercial.

4) Watching people prepare a large space, like a gym floor, for people to stay there. A shelter of some sort. People in military uniforms are putting mats on the floor for cushion because the people will be on the floor. No cots or furniture of any kind. A row of porta-potties lines the back wall. I comment that it's not going to be enough for all the people who are going to come. A man in BDUs rakes a hand through his hair and sighs. Says he knows but they don't have time to do anything else.

5) Now I'm in a much larger space, like the floor of a hangar, but gives a feel of being underground, like a cavern or bunker. The only light is from the emergency lights so it's very gloomy. The space is filled with people in military uniforms. They're all sitting on the floor-a quick image of people hurriedly covering the floor with gym and yoga mats-and no one is speaking. All that's heard is the sound of many, many people breathing.

6) Back to the first space, the one that looks like a gym. People, civilians, are crammed into the place. There are twice as many people as even the most estimates thought. I see a woman with a pet turtle. She puts him up to my face. His little feet tickle my eyelids. I have my eyes closed. She tells me not to be afraid. I tell her I'm not, that it tickles. Then I see a man with a baby in a backpack on his back. I hold up a finger and she grasps it in her little hand. She has quite a grip for a little one. The noise in the place is so loud one can't hear what a neighbor next to them might be saying. The crowd moves. Jostles. Pushes against me. The baby's grip is like a clamp on my finger as I'm shoved away by the crowd. Then she lets go and I lose sight of her and the man because there are so many people in the way. I think this has to be worse than the stadium in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Yet, as bad as it is, the people have nowhere else to go.

No random thoughts on this one beyond it felt like I was being shown that something is going to happen, something bad enough that sends people to shelters because they have nowhere else to go.
I had a dream with overlaps of yours the other day. A sub, cold weather, some sort of environmental or Government disaster, being a refugee or sorts.
Enough similarities that I would say something is up
Saw this image of the USS John McCain and this was what I saw in my dream. Not necessarily this ship, I didn't see the number, but it was a battleship.

[Image: 300px-USSJohnSMcCain_DL3.jpg]
A lot of this dream would fit Hurricane Harvey efforts from the military National Guard and Coast Guard.

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