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Mechanical Being/2 earths dreams
Dream One - In a apartment went to elevator. Then in room picking up stuff. A box came out of the corner with writing on it saying there will be 2 items following. They looked like colourful body coverings. Then I went back to elevator to go back up to 2nd floor. You didn't have to push a button. Then I couldn't remember which room I had to go to. I had these little mechanical looking insects. You were supposed to swallow them. They would turn you into a mechanical being. I also saw people dressed up in black.
  Then I'm outside, see a vehicle. We must keep away from it. Going back to apartment with others. The way was blocked by some large creature. Another vehicle comes along. They know me.He flips his car on its side then phones someone. I hear a female in background crying.

Dream Two - very short.  A woman says "it's fantastic we don't need 2 ________".

My Thoughts - dream one - "Mechanical  being" was emphasized. I specifically remember it had 2 big claws.
                    - dream two - I thought she was talking about 2 earth's. If you follow Youtube  there are discussions about 2 earths one a 3 dimensional planet and another 5th dimension one. This has to do with man's consciousness being raised.

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