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Palace Dream, 8.30.17 am
Dreamed of being in a palace. I am following a man into a room with very high ceilings. The room has chairs set up like for a small meeting. I look to the far right of the room and see boxes lined up against the wall. When I focus into the boxes I see small shredders like you might have in a business office. I asked why they were there and the man said, "you can give them to your ladies, if you like". I looked to my far right and see a group of ladies walking into the room. They are dressed for what looks like a luncheon with all wearing dresses, hats and gloves. I asked the man if he had tools I can use to assemble the shredders. He looked at me saying he will get someone to do that. I said, "no I would prefer to do it myself. I don't have enough to do around here and I will enjoy it". He said, "look in the drawer over there and maybe there are tools you can use. If not, I will send for some". I said, thank you and opened a light blue colored drawer. I found a Phillips screwdriver and said, this will do. Then I walked toward the ladies. They were all very nice and very happy when I told them they would each get a shredder. End of dream.

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