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Tesseract Prison
20170910-Dream-The Tesseract Prison
06:30 Local Sidereal Time

I am in a pen with walls of chicken-wire.  It is raised up in the air with a hard roof, and a round concrete floor beneath.  The chicken-wire has a very large weave.  The holes are big enough that I can get my arm through them.  Even though there is a cow, a goat and a couple of chickens inside the pen with me, the floor is spotlessly clean.  There is a single large alphabet letter “B” in the center of the floor, and four more letters just outside the pen on the concrete sill at the compass points (A, R, O and U).
The chicken is talking to me.
“You have to press the buttons in the proper sequence to get us to the next level,” says the chicken.  “We have to get out of here as soon as possible.”  The cow, the goat and the other chicken are nodding in agreement.  I am looking through the chicken wire at a sunny country scene.  There are abandoned fields, but no roads or buildings in sight.
“Why can’t we just tear a hole in the chicken-wire?” I ask.
“Moron!” says the chicken, “If we go through the chickenwire, none of us will ever see our proper homes again.  We have to unlock the prison one level at a time.   So press the buttons when I tell you.  First B, then O, then U.”
I press the buttons.  The chicken explains that it could have pecked the first one, but it needs my monkey arms to press the ones outside the chicken-wire.
When I press the “U” the chicken-wire walls rotate sideways and yet down at the same time.  It is like looking through a prism and twisting it.  The world changes outside the chicken-wire.  It is now nighttime at the ocean.
“Holy Mother of God!” I exclaim, “We’re inside a tesseract!”
The prison is different too-- The cage and concrete floor area is larger.  It seems to be a larger slice of a sphere.  There are still 5 letters on the floor, but the letters are different.
“Why aren’t the letters in alphabetical order?” I ask the chicken.
“It doesn’t work like that,” says the chicken.  The cow, the goat and the other chicken shake their heads in agreement.  “It’s like when you type a street name into the navigator of your Prius.  There are fewer and fewer options the more you type.”
“Wait—You can drive a car?”  I ask.
“Try to focus,” says the chicken, “and start pressing buttons.  N, then T, then I.”
I press the buttons, and the second prison walls fold away and down again.  We are in a larger slice of the sphere.  It is now daytime in a desert outside.  No roads or buildings.
We press 3 letters at each level for five levels, and each one is a larger slice of sphere with a different location outside.  
On the last one, the chicken-wire folds away and we are at the edge of a farm near a road.  The cow, the goat and the chickens and I are standing on a circular concrete pad that has no letters.
“Thanks!” says the chicken, and the cow, goat, and other chicken nod their heads.  “We’re going to Mil Base Bounty now.”  It points its beak.  Across the road, there is a barbed wire fence with the usual “Government Property – No Unauthorised Personnel” sign on the barbed wire.
“Why a military base?” I ask
“The food is a lot better,” says the chicken.  “You can go where you like, but you better get off that pad before the prison reactivates, or you’ll have to figure out the password yourself next time.”
The animals are somehow already on the other side of the barbed wire, heading into the military base.  I go the other way to the farm, which I somehow know is named “Bountiful Farm.”  Dream ends.

It was pretty cool to be inside a tesseract.  Why only five levels?  A tesseract would have eight cubes of 3D space folded together through 4 or more dimensions.  Whoever designed the prison nested desolate locations together in the tesseract.  
No walls needed--Even the chicken-wire was just a courtesy.  The chicken was right.  If we had left the prison by jumping to the ground from its raised location in any of its dimensions, we might never have been heard from again.  “Bountiful” was supposed to be the password, but it does not have enough letters to open 5 levels (15 letters needed).
The chicken knew everything and understood it all completely.  And it could talk.  Not your usual chicken.
The other animals could understand, but couldn’t (or didn’t) talk.
I have never been a Roman Catholic, and have never said "Holy Mother of God."
We escaped to arrive at ‘Bounty’ or ‘Bountiful.’
There actually _is_ a "Hill Air Force Base" located near 'Bountiful, Utah.'  I have never been to Utah, except to pass through the SLC  airport on a trip about 10 years ago.  I have no idea how good the food is on that Air Force Base...
Oh! and I just realized that the chicken is crossing a road--to get to a military base on the other side?  In the dream, it is an asphalt road with no line down the middle, and the military base is on the other side of a thick hardwood forest, so it is unlikely to be the actual 'Hill AFB.'

Possible meaning;
I have been trying to figure out retirement before it is forced on my wife and me within another 10 to 15 years.  It is a complex, multidimensional problem, but I will be able to figure it out.  All I need to do is find the right...chicken?  And I will arrive at Bountiful...
That is a fascinating dream! Interesting that you and Elise had dreams with animals being trapped, food and a game (her's being an arcade, your's a thinking game).
I wonder if something is happening with Bountiful Utah now or in the future. Thanks for posting Ableba!
Could be, TB9--Bountiful and Bounty seemed very important. The chicken did all the thinking. It was REALLY smart! I would really like to know the significance of a chicken that can think its way out of a 4th dimensional prison, besides being able to talk and drive a car. Females--So versatile, whatever the species...

(09-11-2017, 07:37 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: That is a fascinating dream! Interesting that you and Elise had dreams with animals being trapped, food and a game (her's being an arcade, your's a thinking game).
I wonder if something is happening with Bountiful Utah now or in the future.  Thanks for posting Ableba!
There's a movie named "Trip to Bountiful."

And a book titled "Road to Bountiful."

As weird as this may sound, I think you were actually there in that tesseract prison. It's not unheard of for one's energy body to go what I call "walkies" during dreamtime. Why? Sense of it was you were being given information you may need to know at some point. And why a chicken? Why not? Teachers can take whatever form they desire and perhaps the animals you saw are teachers or even some of your power animals. Could even be a joke, in the sense of "why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the military base."

I've been around the military all my life and I've never seen a military installation labeled like the one in your dream. Either that way of labeling installations is unique to wherever you were or, especially if you aren't familiar with military installations, it was designated so you would know exactly what it was.

Apropos of nothing, my brother was stationed at Hill AFB for more years than he desired. Big Grin
Did your brother ever say that the food was really good at the AFB? :-)
The book and movie links were interesting-- In one, the journey was most important. In the other, it was about facing facts.
The military base name almost sounds like a code name of some sort.
Well! I will be on the lookout for 'Bounty,' 'Bountiful,' and of course, advice from super-intelligent chickens (or their equivalents).
By the way-- Did you ever stop to think that the word 'chicken' contains 'chi' (life energy), and 'ken' (wisdom/understanding), with a 'c' in the middle.... That chicken was certainly an ocean of life energy, wisdom and understanding! Probably that's over-analysis though...
He disliked the base but never said anything about the food.

That particular area of Utah sits right at the base of mountains. I've driven by multiple times on my way to Point B or back to Point A.

As for the chicken, well, our teachers take various forms. The teachers of my acquaintance also tend to have senses of humor. So who knows? Maybe one of your teachers decided a chicken would be an appropriate teacher for you. Me, I would think that hysterically funny so I doubt I would get a chicken because I would be too busy laughing as it tried to teach me. Big Grin

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