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11/14/17 A Comfortable Incident
Trending: incident colors highway comfortable heres lifetime moved excited pains line mon brought powerful power internet thanks hours inner song trouble cry cause would higher lover hope psych ward whole called
Waning: ship leaves large blood october brother stay three guide string short grandmother driving cool usually pulled rescue welcome hundred police

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Line mon brought powerful power internet Was struck by the repetition of "power," as if to emphasize this will be a big deal. So we may be looking at something involving the internet, something major. Doesn't vibe that it's a hacking of some sort. Perhaps something involving the Meuller investigation? The "power" reference could be doing double duty, too, in the sense that it will be a big deal that involves VIPs and the internet in some manner.

Ship leaves large blood Well. That doesn't sound positive. A ship, not a boat, either sinks with loss of life or there's some sort of violent event that involves bloodshed. Pirates?

Short grandmother driving cool This made me laugh. I'm short, a grandmother, and I drive a convertible. Sometimes Bot has a wicked sense of humor.

Pulled rescue welcome hundred police This could be some day residue, a reference to rescue efforts in the earthquake stricken areas of Iran and Iraq, with "police" being a blanket term for "authorities" and "rescuers."
I was struck about the power/powerful in this run too.
I am wondering about brought powerful power
Did something bring the powerful to power?  Was it the internet or something else? If this is related to Russian election interference with ads, it would fit.  BUT...that seems like we are beating a dead horse as it has been in the news for some time now.  
Perhaps it is something yet to come.

incident colors highway - I wonder if colors is literal or figurative.
"Colors" could be either a noun or a verb. Could even be both. So it may be a toss up as to whether the word might be literal or figurative. Bot doesn't often specify the usage, especially when one word may do for multiple meanings.
Ship leaves large blood

A possible #CameTrue: Argentine navy has lost contact with one of its subs.

Navy aircraft crashed southeast of Okinawa. Eight people rescued, three still missing. The rescued are aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. U.S. and Japanese ships and planes are searching for the missing.
This story caught my attention: A "ghost ship" washed ashore in Japan:‘
pains line mon brought powerful power internet
I believe this might be our internet story, net neutrality.
(11-29-2017, 12:56 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: pains line mon brought powerful power internet
I believe this might be our internet story, net neutrality.


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