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Scared Woman
I had this same dream about three times yesterday. Once in the middle of the day when I tried to squeeze in a nap. Twice later that night while trying to go to sleep. The dream itself didn't feel like it lasted long... just a few seconds in-dream and it felt like it happened before I could really get into a deep sleep. Like, just as I began drifting off to sleep I would jerk awake in a sort of panic.

In this dream, I was on the back porch of my current home. A small, old, worn wooden porch. I was looking down the steps that lead out into the yard. There was a woman there, someone I don't recall having ever seen in my life. She looked to be maybe in her late 50's early 60's. Very pale. Around my height (5'6"ish). She had what was once reddish-brown hair done up in a bun, but the hair was beginning to fade into silver. She was a little overweight, looking (to me) like she may weigh around 200 lbs. She was wearing a long nightshirt. I wanna say it was white, but I remember for sure it had these coral colored flowers on it. The 'petals' were long and spiky. The color and shape of them were so odd and for some reason seemed important, so I held onto that little detail.

In most dreams I have of people visiting me, we sit and talk while we have tea. In fact, we often have tea on this same back porch if they come to me ... this woman took maybe two or three very shaky, unsteady steps towards the old, wooden steps going up to the porch while staring at me, then just stood there looking at me. I'm not sure if she couldn't make it to the steps or just refused to go up them. Her mouth was open, eyes huge and her arms were reaching out towards me. She had this expression like she was maybe very frightened or in pain (maybe both). It was almost like she was trying to scream but nothing was coming out. And then I had a rush of fear and panic come over me and shot up out of bed.

It was a very good thing that I thought of the color as "coral" in the dream, it made it easy to find the plant. A quick google search reveled to me that the 'flower' on this woman's night shirt belonged to the "Indian Coral Tree".
I wonder if knowing the tree might point to a location of something. It is found in many places including India, Polynesia, Japan, Australia, and other places in that region. It is known for it's healing qualities.. Thanks for sharing. It seems like something about the tree is important. Maybe location or an announcement about healing?.

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