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I dreamt I was in a small foreign town on the side of a large hill or small mountain. The town was on a pretty steep incline, there was a church toward the center of town with small busines buildings such as you would find in older small towns. It was a gray, dark and dreary day. There was about 6 inches of snow on the ground that melted unbelievably fast with a short rain, people were dumbfounded that almost all the snow in town melted in about 15 minutes. After the rain stopped we suddenly felt an earthquake, probably around a 4-5 as the old buildings were still standing but had damage. As people were trying to recover from the shock of the earthquake large rocks start falling out of the sky, people that had come out of the buildings for safety were now running for cover. I am higher up the hill towards the edge of town and am looking down toward the church and center of town, I can see people getting under cover, I'm confused trying to understand what was happening. My gaze rises past the town and see a volcano in the distance, and it is spewing large debris and ash clouds. I panic and run to tell my family we must leave right away in case the volcano produces a pyroclastic flow. As we are trying to leave I realize the quick snow melt was not from the rain so much as the ground warming quickly as magma moved underneath the town, and the earthquake was from the volcano getting ready to erupt.
Hi Smsparkle. Did you happen to have any intention for this dream? Do you ever have predictive dreams? Other people have been having volcano and earthquake dreams lately. Any idea where the town was located?
Thanks for posting your dream. Big Grin

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