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Terrorist attack on passenger jet
This is a dream from January 11, 2018.  I see passengers on an airplane.  One or more may be a  celebrity....actresses...Angela Lansbury ?, Liz?  For some reason the pilot has to set the plane down, has to land the plane before it reaches its true destination.  The pilot lands the plane within the walls of a fort.  Black walls...extensive high fencing. Then the pilot says he has to leave the plane to take care of something.  He leaves restless passengers sitting in the plane on tarmac?  landing field. Passengers grow more concerned and irritable.  Passengers open the windows. a window enough for a little air.  Passengers begin to doubt the pilot and determine he is a fraud and this landing was planned and is a trick.  Then passengers see men dressed in black with head and mouth covered,  These men with rifles begin to fire at the plane.  Powerful gunfire attacks the plane.  See a passenger running from the plane dodging bullets, he gets outside of the walls to see streets of a city beyond.  Many gunmen all around walking on the high walls.  I am not  sure of a location but something makes be think of being within America or possibly England.
Liz Taylor? Both Angela and Liz might be British connections , Liz was born there. What else made you think British or American?

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