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Carnival in Vegas 1-19-18
This was the last layer of a multi layer dream.
I was staying at a hotel in what appeared to be Vegas, though it looked different. It was a nice hotel and my friends had just left. I was now going to stay an overnight on my own. I noticed I had lost my room key so I went in search of the reception desk so I could get a duplicate. The first desk I went to directed me to a table/booth outside next to the hotel.
There were two young women working at the booth. I asked for a duplicate key and the first person began to ask me security questions to prove I was the actual guest, not a fraud. After answering each question, I would get another one to answer. Soon I realized there were pages and pages of questions I would need to answer. The other lady said to forget the questions and she would instead do a handprint scan on my hand. She did and I was given a key. In addition to the key I was given a ticket to very nice event they were having at the hotel. It was called "Carnival" and the ticket would allow me to see the evening festivity and fireworks but not eat the formal dinner.. The young lady said she was heading over to the event now and would show me where to go. I followed her through a doorway and up a few steps. She rounded a corner but I couldn't find her after I rounded the corner. I did see a long line, like you would find at Disneyland which winds through tunnels and rooms before you finally arrive at the ride you are in line for. There wasn't really anyone in the line, I just needed to follow the path to see where it led. Eventually It led to a house like building and up stairs to a room where some people were mingling. I followed more stairs up where there was a formal dinner going on with lobster and other gourmet food being served. My ticket apparently DID include dinner and I noticed that everyone was at the tail end of the meal. The server checked to see if the buffet was still open, but the workers were tearing it down. I didn't mind too much but would have loved to have eaten. Carnival was a show of some sort which had fireworks. You could see it from the rooftop, one floor above where I was standing. It was a limited engagement.
I then woke up.
Thoughts, I chose to post this dream mostly because of the Carnival reference. Carnival (Mari Gras)will be coming soon. I have not had Carnival on my mind and did not feel that the "show" was going to be a tradition "Carnival " theme.
I also thought perhaps it might help the dream bot if I posted.
I had a dream several years ago about Vegas and what I thought to be carnival rides


January 1, 2011

There were a couple of women, one resembling a girl from the movie, “The Smithereens,” that I was socializing with. Then I was tangled in some large plant vines in a swampy, water tank. I was moving slowly and tiredly as I tried to unravel myself from the vines. I eventually was able to get loose and felt relived. Then my Mom was sitting on a couch in my darkly lit living room and her back was towards me. She started singing some Psalms. I hugged her and started crying and told her that I missed her so much. Then for a quick second, I was in a city where I previously lived in a different state. Then I was walking on sidewalk in Vegas. Some early Christians were across from me in some stores and we started singing back and forth to each other, more psalms and one sang, “The Lord has Revealed.” to me. I continued walking and saw a couple of men setting up carnival rides.

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