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10/17/14 DreamBot2 on P1 November Missions
This is mainly for DFers, but I wanted to give public viewers a chance to view some of the DreamBot2 phrasings conducted on the P1 Dream Missions recently. These will be used for creating headlines going into November:

(remember, linguistics can be predictive by themselves, but we never intend these linguistic phrases to be headlines in an of themselves until matched up with actual dream incubations. Therefore, this list has the POTENTIAL to be predictive, but the DFs will be working up headlines with these phrases).

1. Through two water work take building maybe hear men
2. Dreams now still much feel coming
3. October went could did outside calm
4. Perhaps child roof swim storm west hills
5. Project larger daily auto unusual California boot November
6. Black days start
7. Dallas land guide massive events.

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