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Earthquake 3-21-18
I was attending a social event at an old, small church in Arizona. I think it was a pot luck. I started to feel a small rolling and shaking feeling and asked everyone to stop what they were doing. Some others noticed it now as well. As the rolling continued, gaining only a little bit of strength, I told everyone we were having an earthquake but the epicenter was likely not in Arizona, it likely was somewhere in California. I then said that if true, that for it to be felt in Arizona, it must be of a very large magnitude . As I am talking the quake continued. I started giving out information and yelling orders. We would need to gather supplies, food, water and first aid things to send over to our neighboring state as their would likely be devastation. I was figured we were experiencing a quake that felt like a low 4 on the Richter scale so depending upon where it was in California it could be a 7.2 or greater. We felt the quake for over a minute, that is an extremely long time.

I used to live in Los Angeles and felt many quakes including the Northridge quake. The quake in my dream was longer than any quake I have felt. It is said that some people felt that quake all the way out in Phoenix during the Northridge quake bu the waves were mild but the time they travel to Phoenix and most didn't feel it in Phoenix. What they felt in AZ then was of a smaller strength than what I felt in the dream.
I had a brief discussion about earthquakes to a friend yesterday so there might be day residue. If I were to guess however, I would say California might be getting a quake in the near future.
California indeed had a sizeable quake today. I hope it is not a precursor to a much larger quake within the next 7 to ten days. If it does your dream will indeed be a came true.
TB, tried to get an answer on this one and got nothing, no "yes or no".
Yesterday's was the strongest they have had is some time. I hope a bigger one doesn't come.

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