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Holographic theatre dream, 3/25/18 am
Dreamed I'm visiting a large city.  I walk into the area and the first thing I see is a building with a big white statue of a panther.

Then I find myself with a group of people, adults and children. We are standing next to a plaza. There are holographic images everywhere on the plaza. I think, this must be a theater group. Three of the holographic people are dancing. All so pretty and interesting.

Then I'm thinking that I need to get back to the area where the panther statue is.  I look at a map on a device in my hand. I see how far it is from where I am. Someone next to me says, please stay for a while longer. I say, okay and continue watching the holographic theatre.

Ps. When I woke this morning stayed in bed for a while longer trying to retain memory of my dreams. I also saw/heard the number 722 8459.  If anyone wins the lottery on this number, I want a 10% finder fee. Tongue
"White panther party", see Wikipedia, was an ultra-left, anti-racist party.
722 8459 sounds like a phone number.
Maat: thanks, I didn't think about that. I'll need to look into it.
Yes, TP it does sound like a phone #. I googled it and came back with multiple area codes. Of course the one in MD caught my eye.
No I did not win the lottery.

This article says the Panther is a protector during astral travel. Yea!

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