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Hell's Granny
24 March 2018
No intention set

Standing atop a building with two men, both armed with rifles. We're looking out over the landscape. It looks like a large shopping mall surrounded by parking lots. No vehicles in the parking lots. No people in sight. It appears everything is shut down. No traffic on the nearby roads. Very quiet. Now what? asks one of the men. I don't look at him as I reply, Now I get you out of here. I can feel them both looking at me. The other man asks, And how do you propose to do that? Well, I say, we need to get down to the parking garage, where I'm parked. The first man says, Are you serious? It's dangerous down there! Trust me, I say, I know what I'm doing.

Scene jumps to we're in my car, which is a white Mustang Shelby GT500. I crank the engine and it rumbles to life. The guy riding shotgun(literally) asks, Can you handle this car? I shoot him an impatient glance but don't reply, as if that was such a stupid question that it didn't deserve answering, and shift into gear. We roar out of the garage and onto the pavement of the empty parking lot.

We're almost to an exit onto the street when I hear an engine roaring towards us. I can't see the vehicle because of the line of trees and bushes blocking the view of the street, so I hit the brakes and wait. Shotgun guy asks what I'm waiting for, this car can handle speed, why not use it. I don't look at him, I'm busy watching, as I tell him I know what my car is capable of doing and this ain't my first rodeo so don't tell me how to do my job. No sooner do I finish saying this than a shiny black '57 Chevy slides to a stop facing my car. It's so shiny it looks like brand new patent leather. The windows are tinted but I can see inside to the all black interior. The driver is an elderly woman with long white hair. She's wearing a tight fitting black hood or mask of some sort. She and I stare at each other. She revs the Chevy's engine, challenging me. Oh great, I say, it's a Hell's Granny. Hell's Granny? says the guy in the back. What's that? A pain in my ass, I say, shoving the gearshift into reverse and putting the pedal to the metal, but like I said, I know what my car is capable of doing. Now make sure you're buckled in and hang on. This could get rough.

We shoot backwards across the parking lot, directly towards one of the closed department stores. The Hell's Granny took a second to realize what I was doing but then she punched the accelerator to catch up. Shoot it! The guy in the backseat yells. I snarl, Don't you dare open a window right now! And stay put, it's under control! Right before I hit the curb, I slam on the brakes and crank the steering wheel around. The tires scream as the car slides around to face another direction. Before it even stops moving, I've got it in gear again and gaining speed. The Hell's Granny has to hit her brakes to keep from jumping the curb and to get turned to follow us. By the time she's behind us again, I've got the car out on the main street, which is empty of any other traffic. I'm doing well over 100 mph and we shoot down the street. I glance over at the guy next to me. He's completely white and has a death grip on his shoulder harness with the hand not holding his rifle. Told you I knew what my car was capable of doing, I say, grinning at him. The guy in the back says, Can you lose it? Already have, I say, but I'm going to keep up the speed until I know she isn't tracking us. Woke up.

This Hell's Granny was nothing like the ones in the Monty Python sketch. At first I thought it was like the mask Michelle Pfeiffer wore when she played Catwoman in the second Batman movie(with Michael Keaton). But this mask didn't have little kitty ears. When I thought about it, I realized it was more like one of those dominatrix masks.

I do not drive like that nor do I own a car like that, although I would love to be able to drive like a stunt driver and have a car like that. Big Grin
But you somehow know how to drive EXACTLY like that. Hmmmm. Cool
Sounds like a fun action movie. Wonder who the guys are that you rescued? I've seen a woman like that in dream time, long white hair, but younger.
(03-25-2018, 09:09 AM)Goldengirl Wrote: But you somehow know how to drive EXACTLY like that. Hmmmm.  Cool

It seems I know how to do a lot of things I don't think I know how to do at this point in time. I keep waiting for those skills to make an appearance, although when they do, they will be needed, which is enough to make me not want them to appear. If that makes sense. Big Grin

(03-25-2018, 09:21 AM)Cassandra Wrote: Sounds like a fun action movie. Wonder who the guys are that you rescued? I've seen a woman like that in dream time, long white hair, but younger.

No idea who the guys were(but I think I scared them with my driving. Tongue ). Didn't recognize the woman but somehow I knew what she was and that our paths have crossed at some point.
I think it makes sense to all of us who seem to have more skills and powers elsewhere. Big Grin
I know that if even half of what I've Seen comes true, people better damned well hope we remember how to do what we apparently can do and don't remember. Undecided
Interesting that you not only did not engage the Hell's Granny, you prevented anyone in the car from doing so. It seemed implied that engaging a Hell's Granny would certainly be fatal.

So you have here a figure traditionally associated with wisdom, continuity, family history and moral authority who has chosen to put on clothing of anonymity, cruelty, oppression and implied threats of death.

HMMM,,, now THAT is a very interesting archetype!

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