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Dogs not patrolling, 4.8.2018, after 3:00 am
Start of dream. I walk into a building and see people who look like they are sleep walking. I then walk into a room with dogs, big dogs, greyhounds and wolfhounds. Then sense movement within the enemies border. I go into full battle mode. If the enemy just thinks about making a move, there could be war and millions killed. This cannot be allowed. I signal the dogs to follow me. We walk into a room full of people at desks and  screens on the wall. Everyone stops to look at me and the dogs around me. The dogs are not happy they haven't been out on patrol. I say, I am letting the dogs out to patrol. I pointed to a screen and said, "look there is movement." Everyone stares at the screen with, oh no, looks on their faces. I said, "I am letting the dogs loose, pray it's not too late". Everyone has a look of sheer terror on their faces because they know they have not been doing their jobs, one of which is to let the dogs out to patrol. I walk to a door and the tell the dogs go. They look at me with a smile on their faces, they are being allowed too do their job, keeping the enemy at bay. They take off running to the border. They are so fast, big and beautiful. Makes my spirit so thankful we have these brave souls. I hope and pray it's not too late. Now, I need to deal with the idiots who didn't let the dogs out to patrol.  End of dream.
Reminds me of the phrase "let loose the dogs of war."
Yep, had the same thought. I also thought the dogs may be fighter pilots.
I'm still upset about this dream. If another war starts outside of the middle east, I would bet my life it's because our government wasn't paying attention to the area. That makes me think about our government and if we have people with abilities that can sense when trouble is brewing. They should have teams of people with abilities working to keep the crazies from causing trouble.
One week after your dream, and the Middle East and dogs of war?
Hey Maysea - Yes, the dreams are somehow related to the current action in Syria. I still think it could have been prevented. The USA or some other country should have been paying attention to the crazies.
Wow! Your dream seems even more incredible to me after studying my own "10 Moments" and doing a sort of cross comparison. These along with The Portal dream, the child dream, they all seem interwoven.

I have been checking here often lately wondering if another another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

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