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The entity
I am in an old house, upstairs, but I know I have to go downstairs and confront the entity down there. I go downstairs, and am able to sense who and what he is, and what he wants. I needed to be entirely clear and lucid to do this, and it’s worked.

I go to the foot of the stairs to shout at the folks up there and warn them what’s going on. But I’m losing my voice quickly. It goes from strong to weak and squeaky in a matter of words, and now I can feel the entity behind me and I panic. I can’t call for help, and he knows it.

I make a few last weak attempts and wake up.


Definitely not my house, I live in a modern, split-plan ranch. When I woke up my heart was pounding and I was still very scared. Took me a minute to re-orient myself.

Now, I could call it day residue. I commonly read ghost stories, fiction and non, and whatever supernatural topics I can get my hands on. But I’ve been interested in the subjects since I was a kid. These things don’t normally invoke such strong feelings, or even make their way into my dreams. Weird.
Oooooh, scary dreams are not fun. Feels like it's more about the people not hearing you. And not so much about the Nasty Thang behind you
Maybe both. Because the thing behind me was something I needed to warn the others about.

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