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Chemistry of Energy Healing
This dream is day residue, but thought it might be interesting to others.  Before bed, I was taking notes for a review on possible scientific mechanisms underlying energy healing.  I am interested in understanding how energy healing works.

Dreamt I was at a scientific conference in, what seemed to be, New York City.  I could see the detailed program for the conference listing talks and speakers.  I saw the faces of several speakers.  It felt like a real scientific conference.  The topic of the conference seemed to involve the mechanism underlying energy healing.  All of the speakers were chemists, specializing in Organic Chemistry, the chemistry of living things.  The chemists had discovered molecules and chemical reactions that produced large amounts of energy.  Similar to chlorophyll, but different.  The feeling was that these reactions could be a source of energy in energy healing.  

Woke up surprised.  Most people consider energy healing to involve physics, or physiology, or spirituality, or information, NOT organic chemistry.  It is another perspective, which I will check out.
Sounds interesting, keep us updated with what you find out.

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