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Drilling for oil in the Pacific Ocean
There was an oil rig drilling for oil in the Pacific ocean off the coast of San Francisco. There was a leak and oil started spreading into the water just like the "deepwater horizon" BP oil spill of 2010.

Dreamed 4-18-2018

Thank you Kelly.  Any sense on the timing? Recently we've been talking about volcano & tsunami in the 4/16/18 Africa Canada bot run. Makes me wonder if this is connected.

Oh and check your date on the post, you may want to change it.
I am half-asleep when I do these posts ; )

No I don't have any idea as to the whens of the event.

I do lots of typos when I post from my cell phone. When I get to a computer, I often edit my posts. Tongue
That would be a disaster for SF. I hope this doesn't happen.
I am always correcting my posts due to typos. Big Grin
Hey Kelley.
There is currently an explosion and fire at an oil refinery in TexasCity, Texas right now. Perhaps you were picking up on that.

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