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Water Dream, 4/18/18 am
This dream may be day residue from talking with TB in the bot run, Bot Run 4/16/18 Africa and Canada.

Dreamed I am traveling with a few people. The seat belts look different, more like a harness type, straps over shoulders and buckles at waist. Then I am walking out of a building and see water like an ocean. I look at the ground and it looks like black dirt, then I think no it must be sand because of the ocean. I walk toward the water and to my right I see a man driving a Bobcat. He is shoveling dirt trying to level the area. I walk toward something shinny in the dirt. I see a sea wall and the sand/dirt has been pushed up against it. I feel like standing on the sea wall would be a good idea. I stand on the sea wall looking down at the shinny something in the sand/dirt. The man in the Bobcat walks over toward me. He asks why I am here and I don't answer him. I point toward the shinny something in the sand/dirt. I said, I think there is a safe buried and just the top is showing. He said, hummm I'll get the Bobcat and dig it out. Then he says, I'm hot so I'll cool off in the water and he dives off the wall into the water. Then a big wave of water comes over me and I am happy because the water feels refreshing. The water recedes and I wait on the wall for the guy to come back with the Bobcat. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: When I woke this morning, I couldn't remember what the machine was named that the guy was driving. I thought, when I get to work I'll google it. On the way to work I find myself behind one of these machines. A truck is pulling it on a trailer. That was so funny because I've never seen one of these while driving to work. I've been taking this same route for years now.
It seems like it was a nice dream.
I wonder why you dreamt of a safe? Glad it was a happy beach/water dream.
Islands with black sand beaches:
I think the beach I saw is Panalu's Black Sand Beach.
6.9 earthquake hits Hawaii.
The island with lots of black sand beaches.

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