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Demon in the Classroom
So I'm in a classroom setting, but it's in an old, rundown Victorian house. Very dark, dirty, musty, nasty furniture.

I get the impression it's a field trip to a location, and we're all waiting for the professor to show up. The other students are all milling about, chatting and laughing. I'm feeling increasingly disturbed because I sense many spirits in the house, and I can't understand why the other students don't feel them too. The atmosphere is positively cloying. I then sense one spirit stronger than the rest, and the atmosphere becomes so heavy I can barely breathe. I walk out of the house onto the sidewalk in an attempt to shake this feeling off. I'm a bit pissed that I've been put in this class - if they can't feel the negative energy in there, they have no business being in there, especially without supervision.

I start to walk down the street, and I take note it's dusk and it's damp, and the street is full of homes just like this one. It's an extremely bad section of town for beginning students, what the hell is going on?!!

I realize a girl is following me down the sidewalk, dancing and singing, I think at first she's one of my classmates. Then I realize the damn demon has followed me out. Great. I wait until she's real close, and then I go all Zena Warrior Princess on the thing by grabbing it by the arm and leg, and swinging it in a wide arc before I let go. As I wake up, I realize it's me who's failed, because now they know I could see it, and I will protect myself. Crap.


This could be day residue from thePaladin's more recent dreams, but it was very vivid. And it took me some time to shake it and go back to sleep. I was quite shaken up by the whole thing.
Jeeze, hope this was just day residue from TP's dream.
Yea, me too.
Me, three.

But you didn't belong in that classroom, anyway.

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