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Incident in Turkey
5 May 2018

My view is like a satellite map or a drone photo. Overhead view of a collection of buildings. A shrine of sorts, is what comes to me. One large building in the center of the location. Multiple smaller buildings surrounding the main building. I'm looking for a particular building but don't know which one. Then I see a small building off to the back of the compound location. This building seems to shine brighter than the others. To glow almost. I know that's the building where I need to go.

Then I'm inside the building. It's dark. There are windows but they're covered with fabric of some sort. There are many American military people in the building. Most are sitting, some are standing at the windows, peeking out from behind the fabric. There are several injured people lying on the floor, with others watching over them. It's hot in the building, no AC and no real circulation. The building has multiple floors-I went up and down a staircase-and the military members are spread out over the floors. No one seems to see or notice me as I move throughout the building, looking for the OIC, the officer in charge, the highest ranking person in the group. I find a lieutenant colonel on the top floor, one of the people peering out the windows, watching the outside. He sees me, which surprises me, and comes over to me. Motions for me to follow him, which I do, as he leaves the room. He leads me downstairs to a small room, almost a closet. We go inside. He closes the door behind us. I realize we're in a bathroom, even though it's so dark in there I can barely make out any shapes.

He tells me his people have been holed up in this building for several days, that they're being sought in conjunction with some sort of terrorist incident that the Turkish government thinks the American military caused. I ask if they did. No, he says, it was all a setup to make the Turkish people think the Americans caused something, to turn the Turks against the Americans. He tells me that they managed to make it to this building unseen but they have no food, no weapons, and no means of communication with anyone who can assist them. I ask about cell phones; he tells me yes they have them but they don't trust them to be clean, as in not being monitored or tracked. There are several injured members who need medical assistance. He asks if I can get them to safety. I tell him I don't know, that this is the first time I've done something like this and I don't know how I did it. He asks me to get word to someone to let them know what's going on and that there are US military members in need of immediate assistance. That I can do, I tell him, I can find someone high enough up the chain of command who can get something done. He gives me a list of names scribbled on a piece of paper that looks like it had been a piece of trash found and used to create the list. I tell him I'll do what I can. He says that's all anyone can do and wishes me luck. I tell him I wish the same for him and his people, then pop out.

Jump to I'm talking to a 3 star general. I don't know his name and he's not wearing a name tag. But I know he's the one I need to talk to, that he's the one who can help those service people trapped in that building. I tell him what's happened. Give him the list. He scans the list and asks me, Who's Sandman? I tell him I don't know, that I didn't know the individual members' names. But something about hearing him say that name-Sandman-sent a chill down my spine. Scared me for some reason. The general tosses the list aside and tells me there's nothing he can do. I stare at him, stunned. Tell him those are our people, fellow Americans, and they need help, and he thinks there's nothing he can do? He just shrugs.

Jump to I'm back in the dark bathroom with the Lt. Col. I tell him about the conversation with the general. I apologize and tell him I'll keep trying. He sighs, rubs his face with both hands, and tells me he suspected something like this would happen. We leave the bathroom. Suddenly the building lights up, as if someone flipped the main breaker to "on." The Lt. Col. yells orders for the lights to be killed, to get the place dark again so no one knows where they are. There are sounds of movement, and the lights go dark again. The Lt. Col. looks at me and sticks out his hand. We shake. Before he releases my hand, he thanks me for being willing to help them out and if this plays out the way he thinks it will, to remember them and know they had nothing to do with what they'll be accused of doing. I tell him I will.

I wake. As I'm waking, I hear a voice say, "There will be an incident in Turkey. A bombing. Many will die. Blame will be laid on the American military. It is the beginning and the end. Let it be known that those in power sacrifice their own for their own purposes and power gains."

I am a messenger. I do not interpret the messages I am given, I simply relay them as I am instructed. This I have done. Make of it as you will.

And y'all better believe I hope this doesn't happen. Undecided
How do you feel after having this type of walkabout? Have you gotten used to them?
I'm used to them. I do them when I'm waking, too, usually when I meditate. Those are intentional. The dreamtime ones aren't, at least on my end.
Sandman. That seems to be important.
Interesting as the mythical sandman sprinkles sand in your eye and you have a good dream. There is a DC Comic sandman too. A sort of sand shapeshifter.
And a spooky Doctor Who episode from 2 years ago.

I also hope it doesn't hope it happen.
I remember in the dream feeling a little shiver when that name was mentioned, as if it frightened me for some reason but I didn't know why.
I was reading your post again and thought "I wonder if this will happen and how long from today. I saw 30. Is that # for days and I saw yes. Once again, we'll have to wait and watch. Hope I'm wrong.
Today, this story popped up:

Things are heating up between Turkey and the rest of NATO. Sad
Hey DLP.  This dream about Turkey won't leave me. Have you had anymore dreams about Turkey?
(05-07-2018, 11:41 AM)Cassandra Wrote: Hey DLP.  This dream about Turkey won't leave me.  Have you had anymore dreams about Turkey?

Not a dream but a vision during meditation, with the intention set to learn more about that dream: A view of a city on a coast. It's like I'm seeing it from a boat on the water. It's night time. The city is on fire. Lit up by flames. I see a large building set up on a hill in the city, a mosque with minarets. It's heavily damaged. Part of the dome has collapsed.

That's it. That's all I got. I tried to go back, get more details, but it was like that was all I was going to be allowed to see right now. Huh
Thanks​ for the update.
There is more than an incident going on in Turkey right. The US is going against Turkey but not militarily right now. It's is the Billy Meier contacts that is says Russia will eventually invade Turkey. I believe it's possibly a lot of it is over Syrian oil and natural gas deposit seeing how US troops go there to guard them. The reserves of oil and gas in Syria is said to be quite vast...this has been known for years despite what they say in the news.
IAH, I had forgotten about this dream. Reading through it again, I kept hearing "Syria," the sense that there's a group of our military who are assigned to somewhere in Syria and are to be sacrificed for the political whims of those jockeying for power in some form or another. Granted, that's not the story the public will be told but that's what will happen.

A lot of my dreams lately have been about chaos and conflict, mainly in this country. Sad

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