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Volcano and Homelessness
I've been a bit busy with things lately and haven't been entering my dreams (in spite of me promising myself I would this year). I'm kicking myself right now because roughly a month ago I had a dream about a volcano erupting, though the dream seemed more focused on other things than the actual eruption. I was pretty shocked to find out about Hawaii today through Facebook.

In the dream I had, I was in a nice house, but not MY house. I had 3 of my children with me. It seemed like a normal day and I had just gotten home from shopping when I heard screaming and yelling. I went outside and in the sky I could see planes and fireballs and hear load explosive noises. At first I thought the planes were shooting the fireballs, but then in the distance, I could see that a volcano had erupted (which made more sense) and I quickly gathered up my children and put a back pack on each of them, filling them with necessities and valuables. The whole time I felt just sick to be losing our home. I had put a lot of work into it and it was my dream home. (no pun intended)  I could see the lava flowing from the volcano in the distance to the neighborhood I was in and probably stayed longer in the house than I should have, gathering things that I thought we would need. Each kid had a blanket, a pillow and snacks, and my bags were full of any valuables and my favorite set of paints and colored pencils I felt I would need to make money.

We left the house just as the lava reached it and followed an empty highway to a place where a bunch of people had gathered. Charities were all around offering clothes and food for those in need. I didn't think I should be taking advantage of things just yet because the kids and I had more than most people. I felt we mainly needed a place to sleep. We walked past an open building that was taking in people. It was run by a church and the lady who owned it seemed really nice so I went in with the kids to have a look around. As I was looking around, this woman gave me a weird vibe. I couldn't quite put my finger on it at first, but she eventually got really forceful about what was going to happen with my kids if we stayed there. She didn't like the idea of me homeschooling and she and her church elders were going to be educating them in the "proper" way or she threatened to call CPS on me and take away my children. Well, that set me off and we left with her chasing us down the street to another church charity house. There was another woman working at this one and she gave me a better vibe. She and I chased off the other woman together and she said she would vouch for me if that other woman called CPS because she could see that I only wanted the best for my children. She said that she had noticed people taking advantage of the emergency and trying to snag children away from their parents, but she didn't say WHY that was. She gave me a tour of her charity home and she seemed nice. The workers there seemed nice. No weird vibes. The people there seemed to genuinely want to help. They had a daycare and offered education but promised to involve me, which I appreciated.

I decided to stay there and let the workers there take my kids to their daycare play room and went with the woman who was running the place to help out. I told her that I didn't have a lot but I wanted to help them help others and offered my services as an artist/ programmer. She gave me some poster papers and said I could be in charge of making posters for them. She asked how I had planned to get back on my feet and I told her I managed to save a few things from the home I could sell and some of my art supplies. I emptied my bag out on the table and I had the pencils, paints, this Koala bear I've had since I was born, jewelry and gold coins. She got upset at me and shoved the coins and jewelry back in my bag and told me not to let anyone see it or I could get hurt or robbed or both.

The rest of the dream was me trying to find my way back to the house to salvage more things before it was completely destroyed or trying to find work.
Well, there are a lot of people homeless in the Phillippines right now due to Tall eruption. They say about 110,000 people are in some kind of shelter right now hue to major eruption on it sending ash 10 miles high and they seem to think it is going to do something much bigger than what has done because the ground is deforming several miles away from Taal itself and there 500ft lave fountains shooting up from it after the biggest eruption so far. If it were an eruption like Krakatoa or larger it could really be a catastrophic event because Manila is within striking for heavy amounts of ashfall.
Anak Krakatau unleashed a 10 mile high eruption today but there was no tsunami like they had before a year or so ago and it's still erupting. It's note worthy because it's where Krakatoa used to be after it blew itself out of existence in the late 1880's sending out a tsunami that killed 37,000 people.
I had a dream about 20 years back that there was some type of warning about when soufiere volcano was getting ready to do a big eruption that was an important precursor event to bigger events. The volcano on Monsterat soufiere hills had been erupting for years at that time but now it appears another volcano named soufiere also in the carribean islands is getting active once again and could do a major erution soon. This also coincides with pelee on the island of martinque having swarms of earthquakes around it. Edgar Cayce in one of his earth changes predictions says Pelee on the island of Martinque would erupt before disturbances to the Southern California coast would occur.
there has been a real uptick in volcanic activity the last month or so around the world. Etna has made the news plus another possible volcano could erupt in Iceland, Sinabung in Indonesia, Pacaya in Guatemala plus there has been two very significant earthquake swarms recently of Mt Pintatubo. Volcano discovery has a lot of news on recent eruptions.
Well that souferie volcano on st vincent island has made a lot of people miserable and homeless so far.
Had a Volcano Dream myself... posted as it connects to my dream i came to post... And I also am try and to come back and post my dreams. quit dreaming for a while because of stress, i think, i'm trying to post more also. also trying to connect with all that is again.
Well, there is a big problem happening right now in Zaire with the niryacongo volcano doing a big time eruption of lava and parts of Goma are in it's path. Goma has a population of 2 million and people are evacuating right now form Goma and other cities and it has reached the international airport in Goma already. The eruption is still ongoing and the lava from the volcano travels unusually fast at about 62mph due to the volcanoes height and low silica volume.
The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja is still going very strong and has destroyed about 1,200 buildings on La Palma. This eruption has already lasted longer than the 1971 eruption and has 13 days to surpass the 1949 eruption. It doesn't look like the eruption will end anytime soon because the earthquake activity has increased and the depth of the earthquakes is still going down to 30 to 40 km deep on some earthquakes.

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