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Explosion dream, 5.19.2018
Dream I'm walking into a building. Inside looks like a machanic shop. I tell everyone to get far away from doors and windows, there is an explosion coming. They look at me like I'm crazy. I walk over to a window and tell everyone to close the windows and doors, seal them if you can. The windows from the 59's or 60's style. There is a little hand crank to open and close and the panes are like shutter slats. As I'm closing the long row of windows, I'm thinking, is it better to die now or later and what will remain afterward, will it be enough to live on? End of dream.

After thoughts: I woke disturbed about this dream. It may be day residue from the volcano activity in the Hawaiian island
Hey Cassandra!
Sometimes your dreams come true quickly.
A chemical plant exploded today near Houston injuring 20.
You could have several explosions in Hawaii once the lava flow reaches the geothermal plant which very close to it now less than a quarter mile from...several wells down getting covered up but they could very well explode anyway if the heat is to intense form could be a hydrogen sulfide explosion or several. Just have to wait on it to get there.

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