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Tunnels, Deceased Loved Ones, and Snow
I had a dream this morning that I remember snippets of but the snippets were all somehow connected.

First snippet - I was walking with my late husband in the street. He had his arm around me. A man in uniform (security person or policeman) yelled something out and wanted to speak with us. My late husband gently kept us going forward and we got into a car. In my mind I was thinking, my husband is passed so I must be grasping at air as I am walking instead of having my arm around my husband. I though people probably think I am crazy.

Second snippet - I am in a car alone, It is dark outside and what looks like snowflakes are falling and there is a lot of snow on the ground. I am driving fast.

Snippet Three - I am with my grandparents (who are deceased in real life), my Dad and sister (who are alive in real life), and we are walking in these tunnels with other people. Some of the people were blocking my way and I just wanted them to move. My grandmother is exhausted and falls to the ground. When I rush over to her she tells me to leave her be. I then rush over to my sister to console  her because she is crying and upset from being in the tunnels. I turn around and see my grandmother covered in a gray blanket and she is now dead. I bend over and sob in pain. I stand up and pull the blanket from over her face to look at her and her face is basically mummified. Her eyes are dark black, her mouth is open, and her skin looks lined and like all the water/fluid has been sucked out of her skin. She, however, was still warm.  Dream ends.

I was fighting to pull myself out of this dream and was having trouble opening my eyes. This was not how I wanted to start my day off. As I thought about my dream, I was wondering if what I thought/perceived was snow was perhaps something else (volcanic ash maybe but not sure). This is the first time I think that I actually had three currently deceased love ones in the same dream (my husband and my grandmother and grandfather).
Thanks for posting this dream, sjablons! And welcome to the forum!
Welcome to NDC Sjablons! Yes, that would be disturbing to me too, seeing more than one deceased relation. I'm wondering if the feeling of ash has to do with active volcano earth events continuing to happen right now.

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