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Woman at the Bridge
This one was from April 27 2018--

Re: posting elsewhere, "MSM as a Dream Enhancer?"
MSM is an over-the-counter dietary supplement that people take to increase the pads between their knee joints, and possible to improve glossiness in hair. It is abundant in raw vegetables but is destroyed by cooking. Review the other post for more details, if interested.--

I decided to try MSM myself, after seeing it in the vitamin section of my local drugstore. It comes in 1000 mg tablets. The fine print on the side of the bottle said, "Do not take at bedtime."
As an experiment, I took 3 of the 1000 mg tabs at bedtime.

Got a symbolic dream that night--
I dreamed I was walking along a dirt road a couple of hundred years ago and came to a stream about 10 feet across, with a wooden footbridge going over it. There was a man entirely in black clothes with a wide-brimmed black leather hat. He was hanging by his arms over the right side railing of the bridge. It looked like his arms had been wedged into the railing somehow, and he appeared to be dead.

On the left side of the bridge, there was a young woman with bright red hair and a traditional dress and hat, possibly Dutch. She was kneeling on her left knee, and seemed startled by my approach. She was looking directly into my eyes from her deep blue eyes, and there was a question there, perhaps more than one.

Without speaking, she seemed to wonder, "What was I going to do?" and "Would she need to do anything about me?"

The dream ended there.

So--Interesting outcome. It felt like I was meeting an archetype in the person of the woman at the bridge. Even after waking up, I felt that I had met her somewhere in real life. It was possible that she had killed the man in black. If I turned back at the sight of her with a dead man, would I tell someone else? She had (possibly) already killed one big guy, so no problem killing me too.
On the other hand, what if I pressed forward and crossed the bridge? Why did she (possibly) kill the man in black? Was he trying to cross the bridge too? Maybe she didn't want anyone to cross the bridge...

I kept taking MSM at one tablet a day, in the morning. No more archetype dreams since then. My joints really do feel better. Not sure about the hair.

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