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3D Constellation Beasts/Entities
I had this dream a few weeks ago and just didn't really find the time to put it in so I've forgotten a lot of it... but the parts I remember were pretty wild. I was out shopping and had overheard people saying that there was a huge search for a young girl. They described her as being very young, she was very pale and had strait black hair and very large eyes. I didn't think much of it. I walked home... and when I came home I saw something so strange. There was this HUGE beast. And it is really hard to describe. It looked like a constellation in my yard. It was maybe 10-12 feet off of the ground hovering. It looked as though there were many tiny stars in the air and they were all connected by a very thin spider's web. It had a sort of purplish tint to it. The beast itself was really weird. It looked like someone had merged a massive bird together with a dragon. The wings weren't feathered, but they also didn't look like traditional dragon wings. The wings looked like they had short little fingers going down the back of them. The beast had great big legs that looked like dragon legs, but they weren't scaled, they were smooth. It had talons for feet. It had a long arched neck. The face was like a dragon, but with a big beak. The eyes were really weird. They were focused directly in front of the beast and it seemed really busy and involved in whatever it was doing as it hovered. It wasn't quite eagle eyes, thought that was the closest I could come to describing them... but they also had a sort of human, but not human feeling about them. The beast itself was massive. The body was maybe the size of an elephant without the wings. The wings didn't flap. The whole thing was just suspended in the air. There was a steady stream of something going either to or from the entity ( some sort of energy, I guess). I assumed to. There was a HUGE crystal in the grass and that was where I thought it was drawing the stream of energy ... and I thought maybe the beast was in the neighbors yard... but as I examined it (a healthy distance away) I saw it was in my yard, but really close to being in the neighbors yard.

I wasn't sure what to do about this thing. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. It should be terrifying, but I didn't really feel scared of it. I also didn't think it was something I should mess with. I didn't feel like it was anything good OR bad. It just was. I saw a couple jogging by on the side of the road and I ran up to them and asked if they also saw this thing hovering in the air, and they looked at me like I was crazy and said they saw nothing. This really upset me. No one else could see this thing. I cautiously walked back to the porch while keeping an eye on this thing... to find that there was a very young girl sitting there. She was very pale. She had very long, shiny, strait black hair. Her head was maybe a bit bigger than average and she had a very pointy chin. Her eyes were ENORMOUS. Aside from her eyes being unnaturally big, the iris of her eyes were HUGE. She had so little white of her eye showing. It was almost all blue. Her pupils were very big too, compared to a normal eye. She said to me that she noticed me looking at something and asked what it was I was seeing. So I tried to describe it to her the best that I could. She said she was amazed I could see any of it at all, because most people can't. She then told me that she saw it too, but she saw it much better. She then described it to me but she said "In colors you can understand"... so it was mostly a sort of red, orange, and yellow I couldn't see. And I was a bit shocked but it sorta made sense to me and dream took a sort of scientific turn where we talked about her eyes. She could see more colors, she said, because she had many more, and different kinds of cones in her eyes which let her clearly see things that other people could not. Her large pupils also allowed in much more light, and different kinds of light, she said.

After we talked about her eyes, I asked about this beast in the yard again. She had a name for this one, though there were many. I forgot what the exact name was but it had something to do with its talons and it sounded very primal. Something like "Sharp Talon" (but probably not that exactly). I forgot a lot of what she said about them, but they were all preparing for something. I had thought that this flow of energy was going from the crystal into the beast, but I looked again and the beast was hovering over the crystal and it was pulling energy from a mound of dirt on the ground itself. Then suddenly it was like we were on a huge hill looking down, though in real life the ground was very flat. I could see hundreds of these beasts in all different kinds of forms taking up energy in preparation for something. She told me about many of them, their names and how they looked to her. And I told her how I saw them. They all looked like detailed 3D constellations. I felt like she dodged my questions of what they were preparing for, which made me a bit uneasy.

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