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Buddha's Alien Monolith
I really wish I could remember more of this one. I was with a group of friends and we stumbled across some alien technology out in the woods. We weren't sure how to react to a black/gray, saucer-shaped UFO. The entire outside of the UFO was covered with glowing blue symbols that looked like they were etched into whatever metal it was made of and I ran my hand over it to feel. when I did, a hot, sharp pain shot through my palm and the symbols started to glow a bright, pulsing electric blue light and we assumed there must be someone/ something in there and we should beat feet out of there, but when we started to run, we were surrounded by military and brought in for questioning. They questioned us for what felt like hours in separate rooms. I wasn't sure what they expected us to say, but it was obviously something other than we found a UFO in the woods, looked at it a bit and ran away. They asked me if I knew the characters on the UFO and I thought about it for a bit and said I knew it wasn't Japanese or Hindu but it looked like something inbetween. Maybe it was Tibetan, or that would be my guess anyway. The guy questioning me gave me a weird look and had me follow him into another room. One of the guy friends I was with was there too. I was glad to see a familiar face. After meeting up with that guy we went into another big room with giant steel doors, inside was the UFO... but it was smooth and silver and had no symbols carved into it. The guy asked if this was the same UFO that I saw in the woods and I told him it was not. He then asked me to put my hand on it and I was really worried that something terrible was gonna happen if I did, but I had already been more or less "kidnapped" by the government and had no idea what their plans were and didn't want to be in a worse situation... so I begrudgingly stretched out my arm, closed my eyes, and put my hand on the UFO. I felt the hot, sharp pain in my palm and felt the smooth exterior fall in in places to make the symbols. The guy with me got all excited because they had made him touch it earlier and it did nothing, I guess my hand had become the key to this thing, maybe when I touched it the first time?

The guy then had me and this guy friend of mine get in it. I don't even remember how we managed to do that, but there were no gears, or buttons or keys to start anything in there. It was big enough to sit the two of us comfortably, but was not very big. We could, weirdly, see out of the entire top part of the UFO though, as if it were made of darkened glass and not metal. There was a little metal console in the front of the ship, and I touched it and we were off. I could tell we were going really fast, but looking outside into space it just sort of looked like we were taking a long, slow Sunday drive. It didn't take long for it to stop on some other planet. Without even thinking the other guy opened the ship and I flipped out because we had NO idea if this place even had oxygen to breathe. Or maybe it was coated in poisonous gas. WE DIDN'T KNOW and he just bounced out of there. Luckily, there was air. The ground was covered in red dust, like powdered red clay. It was windy and just empty, except for something I saw laying on the ground several feet away in contrast with all the red. It looked like one of the old, ancient tubes people kept scrolls in. It was also covered in characters, but I couldn't quite make out what kind because it was covered in the blue/green stuff that grows on copper. This was the only thing we found, so we decided to go back.  When we got back, the government guy asked where we went and what we found. I told him I had NO idea where we went, but that I had found a copper scroll there. His eyes got big and he snatched away the scroll and ran off.

We were then escorted into another room with both President Trump and Vladimir Putin. They were extremely heated and arguing back and forth. Half of the room had U.S. Military, and the other half had some kind of military Russian students, both were hard at work. Me and my friend didn't know what to do so we just stood around awkwardly until we overheard some of the Russian students making jabs at the U.S. Military. About that time, Trump and Putin walked over to us and explained that what we had found proved that Buddha was an alien. (I don't know how, but ok.) We talked a little bit and joked around and I asked Putin "Just out of curiosity, if we made fun of any of the students over there, what would you do." He looked at me with a dull, blank face and said that if we made fun of any of his students, he would lock us up. So then  I replied "Ok, we will not do that then." We talked a bit more and we were then told that we were to investigate Buddha's Monolith. I have never heard of it, but it sounded cool, so I was ready! Supposedly, it hadn't been touched in ages and we were to collect any artifacts we could find and we were to especially keep an eye out for another copper scroll. The copper scrolls seemed really important and I wondered if there were also silver, gold and platinum scrolls too. We agreed and we got back in the space ship which auto took us to Buddha's Monolith. It was not what I had expected. In my mind, it was going to be some dusty old ruins with a tall, stone monolith... but this was like a tall mountain with a rounded, grassy top like a hill. It was huge. It was made up of different parts, mostly rectangular chunks that spun around and constantly changed the shape of the entire mountain, to include the creeks, ponds, and access to any Temple ruins.  Before I woke up, the guy and I were stressing out about how we were going to find anything or manage to explore an area that is constantly moving and changing.
Do you remember the color of the atmosphere on the red dirt planet? Did it have a purplish tint?
(07-06-2018, 05:18 PM)Cassandra Wrote: Do you remember the color of the atmosphere on the red dirt planet? Did it have a purplish tint?

Yes, it was a very deep, dark purple.
Thanks Elyse. Did you get a look at any buildings? I've seen Adobe style buildings there. Sure would love to know where "there" is. I've known other people who have seen same area.
(07-06-2018, 07:56 PM)Cassandra Wrote: Thanks Elyse. Did you get a look at any buildings? I've seen Adobe style buildings there. Sure would love to know where "there" is. I've known other people who have seen same area.

I saw lumps and hills in the dirt that I assumed had been buildings. There were things that had fallen over that I thought were pillars, but everything was covered with the red dirt, so I didn't get a clear view of what had been there. Sorry. I'm curious where "there" is too now. I didn't know other people had dreamed of it.

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