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British Royal Family dream, 8.1.2018, am
Dreamed I am walking into a small room with approximately 25-30 people in the room. The chairs are set up in rows. I am being escorted to a chair near the front of the room. I'm thinking, oh how nice of them to give me a front seat.  Prince William sits in the chair next to me. I am wondering to myself, what on earth is going here and why am I sitting here next to Prince William. I then look around the room and see Royal family members. I look at Prince William and whisper to him, "does this mean you will be king now"? He smiled and said, "not just yet". I said, "you will be a good King one day" and I kissed him on the cheek. I looked at his cheek and there was a red lip mark on his face. I pulled out a tissue from my purse and said, sorry my lipstick left a mark on your face, you can't get up there and speak with that on your face. He laughed and wiped it off with the tissue. I looked at the color and it was a red shade which is something I would never wear. I got up from the chair and walked to a mirror. I was shocked to see it was not my face. I thought, I need to get out of here.  End of Dream.  

Afterthoughts: No day residue. This morning my Spirit feels like alka-seltzer.
I remembered more from this dream. After looking at my face in the mirror, I sat next to Prince Harry. I asked him, would you like to be King one day. He said, oh no, not going to happen. I whispered to him, you are going to have three daughters. He said, three girls? I said, well maybe one boy and definitely three girls. He smiled when I said maybe one boy.

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