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9.2 earthquake lasting over 26 minutes
I haven't looked at anything else, so I don't know if any other things match up with this or not. Haven't logged in a long time either.

I was on a roof top of some sort, I believe a balcony that was open air, there was still more above me. I believe it was a skyscraper of some sort, not sure how high. There was a lot of open concrete. An earthquake began, the amount of shaking was tremendous. There were at least two other people on the rooftop/balcony with me, both women. I don't know who said it was a 9.2 earthquake, but that number was distinctly noted. The concrete was spalling off from the open areas (the spalling word came to me in thinking about the dream after it ended, I don't know where that word came from). I was running around dodging the concrete fragments that were flying at high velocity. I am pretty sure that I was the one that said "only 26 more minutes to go", and indicated to the other people to follow me in running around to dodge the high velocity flying concrete.

No idea of a date or location. I didn't do any kind of meditation or asking for a subject for a dream, I was told to stop doing that during a dream a while back.
Welcome Back MTB!

Missed you. Thanks for posting about your earthquake dream. I can't say we have had many earthquake dreams lately. Before we had the many volcano eruptions this spring and summer there seemed to be an abundance of volcano dreams and bot run language.
Only a little bot language on Earthquakes not much about dreams.
That being said, it is possible that your 9.2 could be a date ( tomorrow) or a Richter scale reading of a future quake.
I have seen many different prediction websites believing a big quake of that type of size was on the horizon. Also we have had MANY big quakes in the past 10 days around the word. It would stand to reason a 9.2 isn't out of the question.
I hope not.
And over 20 minutes???? I lived through the Northridge Quake and can't comprehend one the log. Even half that long.

Now, today's bot run talks about "picture waves", which remind me of a tsunami which are usually caused by a large earthquake at sea. We should pay attention to dreams and bot language of large waves, earthquakes and similar things to see if something is on the horizon.

Again thanks for sharing your dream and stopping by.


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