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Prediction Dreams Left Me In A Quandary
Hello Everyone,

I have had many PDs of late but mainly to do with family issues and extended family issues bar of course of these few... I haven't posted them straight away as some I discounted but it seems maybe I should have what with the recent Observatories being on official lock down 7 to date thus far. So here they are as follows...

1. A sun expanding... or a very large sun burp across a large portion of the surface of the sun. I was sitting above it when it happened.
2. Bruno Mars dies in an accident, not too clear about how but it was something he owned that wasn't checked or safe. Mechanical??? Like I said not too clear.
3. And to repeat my PD of note this year... A Tomb Stone with a date on it 4TH JULY 2022.
Some psychics have seen the U.S. bring apart regionally into smaller countries. With the intense polarization in the U.S. right now, July 4 2022 could refer to the death of our Union, not the World or planet. Just an thought.
Hi Dreameroracl!

Thanks for reminding us about your July 4th date dream. I remember that first post. Did you feel the tombstone was about a human or the country?
3 US presidents died on July 4th. All founding fathers. John Adams an Jefferson on the same day and year 1826 and Monroe 1831. I wonder if this is about a president?
My next thought would be an "event" that takes place.

Regarding the sun, this happened recently and is a HUGE mystery.

I would hate to see something happening to Bruno Mars.

How soon do your predictive dreams tend to manifest Dreamer Oracle?

Also the beginning part of today's dreamt run fits your sis dreams.

As to what emotions attached to the Tombstone, be it personal or impersonal... I'd have to say neutral, neither. It was a stone in the ground with the inscription upon it, no emotional content at all. Given previous Dreams regarding death and disaster, they come with all the human emotions involved. I believe it could be the death of independence(War/Invasion) or as you stated death of the nation as it currently stands. I have had many Wartime dreams throughout my life...the desert featuring highly in them all. I do know more details but most being in my journal before I joined this group.
Yes, I recently watched the many theories regarding the observatories that were closed to the public in some form or another, 8 in total I am lead to believe... I first had this dream in early August, I was asked to try and see/travel further out into the galaxy by a member of a site I also publish my dreams on. On that occasion, I came across a star covered in a huge example of what we term as a Dyson Sphere but was, in fact, a Pyramidal Structure. It was a few nights later I got the above-mentioned dream. It reminded me of the shows I've seen in the past when the sun expands in size as it begins to change what it burns... I was situated above and on the left, top side of the heliosphere, the sun's surface suddenly got closer to my position. Expansion or CME??? take your pic.
"How do my PD's manifest"?... I get them at the start and ends of my sleep cycle and when I nap. They last for seconds, anything longer is monkey meandering. Dreamtime to Realtime is 3-1 e.g 5 seconds in the real is 15 seconds in dream. In my case that is, I'm not sure about others. Normal people have those little falling off a curb or cliff type dreams as they drop into deep sleep, I get my PD's at that time and when I awake in the morning and fall back into sleep for a little extra nap in the morning... or if I intentionally try to get them in a daytime nap when I'm asked to delve into a given topic. They are in the form of what could only be described as flashes/bursts(why I call them Dream Bursts) Images(Tombstone) sounds, smells, emotions... etc. etc. I have had other types which were not the norm, monkey meandering dreams interrupted by interlopers with a message which seemed to later link to an event.
As to time from dream to event, that is open as some can be days apart, weeks, months, years... Mostly the earthly bound dreams regarding people or places are anything from days to months regarding on the issue... an e.g I dreamed of a Low lying harbour buzzing with electricity and a Nuclear explosion with the silhouette of a power station in November of 2010. The event itself taking place in 2011, Fukushima... It takes 5 months to make safe nuclear fuel from a power station, I found that out later when analysing timescales/reasons in regards to events. I also dreamed of waves crashing on the shore but they had sharks in them and were eating people as they went inland, that was in December of 2010 and literally 2 or 3 weeks prior to the Japan Earthquake I had a dream with 2 words in bold and caps with exclamations "BIG EARTHQUAKE!". It was after that event I began to publish and share my PD's. So time scale?? sometimes they have markers, sometimes they don't an example in the OP, other examples of dated dreams are as follows in date order as I have seen it thus far.

2022 tombstone July 4th.
---- Ladies head made from fire and molten rock.
2033 The most extreme point of a geological turmoil(E.L.E) People hunting People for food kind of turmoil it wasn't pretty from my viewpoint(I was on a white mountain peering through the clouds at a town where I was born). A woman had been caught and tied to two crossed poles, she was trembling with sheer horror, it was horrific and very upsetting for me to observe.
2041 Exodus... People were given the choice to leave the Earth as it was beginning to go through a period of decline.
2182 I was stood in an empty street, like New York lets say... the sun was bright, dazzling and extremely hot/arid, a carrier bag flew across my path and fell at my feet open... inside it was a newspaper and the headline read EXTINCTION 2182. There was one human being in that dream, an old man with a long beard and hair unkempt to say the least, he died at the beginning of the dream.
And that is is all she wrote as they say and until I get any more to say differently that is what will happen. I'd like to be wrong but unfortunately, not often.

Maybe I should endeavour to look further but going from today's climate change denial and continued greed and war in the face of such an uncertain future, can we really be surprised how it may turn out as in my previous post.

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