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Terror at the Filling station
We were driving into town when we needed to fill up the car.  We stopped at a filling station that was a bit cramped. The filling station opposite had a hostage crisis. A row of people in black stood in a stance around the place. I was a passenger and I asked "Should we be doing this here we could cause more problems?" The driver insisted so I went into the shop, which was more of a parts workshop. The place was untidy and it was difficult to walk around since there was so much gear land parts lying about. I thought I was alone so I read some of the notices and indulged my curiosity. The staff came back and were a little surprised I was there. One of the guys asked me to spell his name to him in a hangman style game. He had a welsh accent so I had called him Glyn and he rebuked me for not all welsh people are called Glyn. I had glanced his name on paperwork (Duncan) so I played along knowing I would succeed. I asked for N, he wrote the N's on the gaps, I asked for D and he wrote it then I asked for U. I asked for K to be clever and spell DUKE (The letters he was filling in were fluxing a bit). We decided I did know his name but he now had a nickname. I looked out the window and the Hostage taker was pouring fuel on himself and yelling about how the end was nigh. The hostages there were getting tired and hungry)
A tiny woman (like scaled down tiny) came into the shop and she was tipping solvent over herself and threatening to blow the place up . The shop staff were trying to defuse the situation but they kept using saws and grinders which emanated sprays of sparks. I kept telling them to use the butt of the gun to bring her down. Another equally tiny man came in and tipped engine oil over himself and the shop began to smell very intensely of oil, solvent and fuel. I decided enough was enough and departed from the shop.

(Remember Dukes of Hazzard?) 

I have been interested in figuring out ego lately and how to work with it so we can be safe. I think there are a lot of clues here about how the ego works and what to do when people are being antagonistic and also some thing about meeting and making relationships.)

This is my first post here so sorry if it doesn't quite fit in with the ethos of the forum.
If it's a dream, it fits! Yes, it looks like your dream life is very colorful! Welcome again.

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