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10/18/14 Expect Epic Assembly within a month
It’s not hard to see the word “Epic” threaded through just about this whole run. I included more words toward the bottom since it provides a seeming conclusion to the whole the run. To me the whole things feels like a breakdown-breakthrough, as indicated in Group 3 “Detailed thank breaking” and then Group 4 says, “Hope like faces code perfect.” We’re on the brink, it may be painful, but we finally move to a better, freer future. All that is, of course, but one man’s interpretation.

Based on Group 1 and 2, I conducted correlation analysis on many of those words in a DreamBot5 format. Basically, I believe we can expect a monumental assembly because of the epic drought. The assembly is obviously designed to solve the crisis, which will invariably turn out to be an adventure. The main words here are DRY, BREAKING, EPIC because all these lines are completely uncorrelated but then suddenly become correlated starting 10/02/14.

Timing on this is largely speculation but I can’t imagine anything greater than a month if this were to manifest.

Doomsayers Unlimited:
Group 3 is just plain weird. One interpretation seems to suggest that the population’s incessant hypnotic drudgery will continue, and it specifically mentions “Dating God.” Very curious.

The ray of hope is indicated very quietly at the bottom. It suggests that the hope lies in seeing how we are all connected by “perfect code.”


Plain text version:
10/18/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

assembly    101.0%    1200.0%
greatest    92.1%    1000.0%
solving    187.9%    666.7%
yea    74.1%    500.0%
summary    106.0%    333.3%
hungry    72.9%    333.3%
fri    164.9%    220.0%
epic    243.2%    200.0%
damn    117.7%    200.0%
worst    84.4%    200.0%
stabbed    50.0%    200.0%
period    49.6%    200.0%
unusual    56.6%    180.0%
adventure    125.2%    160.0%
dry    89.2%    137.5%
continuing    92.9%    133.3%
detailed    80.9%    114.3%
thank    53.7%    111.1%
breaking    86.0%    100.0%
precognition    81.6%    100.0%
leading    53.0%    100.0%
spell    100.7%    83.3%
continue    74.3%    78.9%
especially    93.8%    69.2%
dating    130.3%    63.6%
god    64.4%    62.5%
arguing    170.9%    57.1%
recently    99.8%    53.3%
hope    141.2%    52.6%
link    99.2%    51.4%
faces    91.7%    50.0%
code    102.1%    47.6%
perfect    75.6%    47.6%
liked    57.6%    47.4%
Cluster Graph for today's DreamBot run

I can shut down the P1 November Headline Mission now that the mission is in the process of being headlined and begin a new mission for a change of scenery. Just let me know the parameters.
I concur. Would like clarity on "Dry, Breaking, & Epic" primarily and secondarily any special assembly we should know about. Not sure how best to tackle that, because the words appear to be correlated, so we should be asking how they will manifest together (perhaps). Your judgment here is welcome!

Oh no! is a dam gonna break, and make an already-desperate area even drier? and sure, lotsa folks will say "damn" about it, too?

Howdy, DreamWeaver! We lived in Sunnyvale as newlyweds in the early eighties, then Santa Clara, ending up in Gilroy for a total of 13+ years. I really miss the climate there, especially of Gilroy.

This bot run more than any others that I've read in my few weeks here, has me thinking that a good number of the words go together with them from other parts of the list. I'm most-clueless with this one. Most of the time, ideas hit me at a glance with the words.

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