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Thrice Reincarnated Dragon Slayer
I had this dream yesterday, 11/25/2018.

It started out rather stressful. I was young(er) and riding with my aunt, uncle and cousins from my mother's side of the family. We were moving and I didn't want to be around my parents. My cousins seemed OK with me being there, but not necessarily super excited about it. I didn't care. My mother and father were behind them following. They were moving as well. I felt really out of place, but wasn't sure what to do about it. If I made them stop and get out, where would I really go?

When we finally got to our destination, my aunt and uncle simply picked a vacant house and we all picked a room and put our things in it. (Man, I wish buying a house was that easy in waking life!) After that, we all had to go to a church. My family are all Mormons, but this church wasn't a Mormon church or any particular church... it was just a general church. Everyone had jobs and they HAD to do their job. All of the jobs came from the church. I was really stressed out because I knew I had a job, I just didn't know WHAT it was, nobody told me. I didn't even know WHEN I was supposed to work. So I went around doing different things trying to figure out what my job was. I helped others do their jobs and helped with the children and animals, but none of these things were satisfying to me. None of them seemed like my actual job, and the more time went by, the more wasted my time felt, even thought I knew I was getting paid for what I was doing. As I walked around, towards the end of the day, I saw that one guy, a baker, had made a giant chocolate cake at work that no one bought and he was getting to take it home to his family. I thought that was nice and that maybe working here wouldn't be too terrible. Maybe I could be a baker too.

When the day was about over, my focus went more from WHAT is my job to when am I supposed to come back to work. I had no idea what my schedule even was. I asked someone where the schedule was and they pointed me over to a book on a small table. I looked through the book and saw all kinds of information like what the predicted weather would be on what day, holidays, random facts, ect... but no schedule and I got more and more stressed out. I ended up walking to the bakery to see if I could work there and if maybe they had a schedule for me. I saw they were mostly women and the jobs seemed to somehow be at least somewhat gender related. I asked around about the schedule while enjoying the smell of fresh cake and bread until someone pointed me over to another book on the counter. I saw a schedule in this one. My name was in it and there was a green check on the Sunday box. I thought that made sense. Of course I would start work on Sunday if I worked at a church. But it still didn't list a job. I didn't like floating around not knowing what to do.. and was dreading coming back and doing just that in a few days. It was Thursday in the dream.

At the end of the day, everyone started cleaning and packing up. I was just sort of wandering around looking for my cousins when I came across a room that was shut and for some reason just seemed different from the rest of the building. I went in. It was dark and empty. It had that museum smell about it. (I hope that makes sense to someone). I saw some old leather(?) armor and a sword on a little display. It looked really familiar to me, like I had seen this before. So I grabbed the sword and clumsily twirled it around. I was really not good with that sword, in fact, I sucked. But the more I played with it, the more familiar it felt until it occurred to me that this was MY sword. Then I got a little annoyed. Why would this church have taken MY sword?

The more I played with the sword, the better I got with it, until I was actually pretty ok. Not super, but ok. I put on the armor and also saw a necklace that was mine. It was a leather string with some sort of glass vial with a glowing blue liquid in it. IT WAS SO COOL LOOKING! Another girl walked in. She was very thin, she had long, shiny black hair and her own really weird armor on. She asked me what I was doing messing with the sword. I looked her dead in the eye and asked her what MY sword was doing tucked away in this church. She asked who I was and I told her I was "a three times reincarnated dragon slayer". Then when I realized what I said, I thought about how crazy that sounded, but it also sounded kinda cool. I had mixed feelings about it, but I 100% believed what I said to be the truth.
She said that stuff belong to a legendary dragon slayer and to prove it was mine. I didn't know how to prove it to her. I just KNEW it was mine. I also knew that if I was a dragon slayer, I didn't have to do mundane church jobs everyday to make a living. The other girl didn't seem to like me, but I kinda understood why. It did seem pretty far-fetched. She brought in an elderly man. I told him the same thing. So he sent us both on a mission. Strange things were going on at this elderly couples house. He assumed it was because of a "dragon". He wanted us to investigate and to slay any dragon we happened to come upon. She was not thrilled to be traveling with me.

We walked to a sort of cave in the side of a mountain. Inside the cave some light came through from a crack above and grass, moss and some flowers were blooming inside. It was lovely, but not a place where I would expect to find a little cottage. In the back of the cave was a very cute cottage where the old couple lived and we went inside to investigate. As we walked in, the place did feel weird to me, but I couldn't explain why. I thought as I walked around that it was like looking at a picture where something very important, but hard to notice was wrong. The other girl talked to the couple while I walked around. After talking to the couple and walking around herself, she said it looked like a false alarm... but I didn't agree with her. I told her something felt "off" and she got really upset with me because she wanted to leave and work on "actual problems" rather than make believe ones. I didn't want to leave until I knew what was wrong with their house. It was eating at me that it felt so off but I couldn't put my finger on as to why. Next to a door in a hall in the house was a reeeeally, fat, orange tabby cat. I felt like IT was the reason the house felt off, so I went to get a better look at it.

When I got up close to the cat, I noticed that one of its eyeballs looked like the top of a pan screw. It also had a large lump around its left shoulder. The cat didn't get up or run or anything. It just sat there looking very annoyed at me... so I took the sword and tapped the top of its head and told the dragon to "show thyself". Nothing happened so I did it a couple more times... and again nothing happened. The other girl, again suggested we leave because I obviously wasn't a "dragon slayer"... and I was just about to when it occurred to me that I wasn't going about this the correct way. I tapped the lump over the cats shoulder and said "show thyself" again, and the lump grew bigger. So I did it again and again, and the lump grew and grew... and it kinda grossed me out because the cats skin was stretching and the hair was separating and falling off until the lump busted open to reveal the long neck and head of a small, armored dragon sticking out of the cat. The dragon looked somewhat man-made... but was also an organic organism... because I immediately cut its head off and saw flesh and bone in the middle of it. It was an interesting thing. I couldn't tell if the girl was more or less irritated at the fact that I was right to stay. We went back to the church where she demanded the old man to make me prove even still that I was who I said I was. I thought having done what I did when she wanted to leave would be enough, but it wasn't. So I went on several "missions" to hunt and remove these "dragons"... but they weren't always in the shape of what we would think dragons would look like. There were a couple that just looked like weird monsters or demons. Some looked natural, but a lot looked like they had been altered by or made entirely by man.

I can't remember the details of every "dragon" I fought, but I remember they were all unique and different. A lot of them would embed themselves into living creatures. They were like a cancer and would spread through life and the earth... it was very important that they were controlled. I felt a lot better about my life towards the end of the dream since I had found my purpose and knew who I was. It didn't bother me that I didn't fit in with my family.

The last "dragon" that I fought was shaped like an actual dragon. I thought it was at the top of the mountain and had to use my sword to climb to the top... but about halfway to the top, a GIANT dragon burst out of the side of the mountain and started snapping at me. I was going to fall but grabbed on to its long whiskers and swung back to the mountain. I had to take out its eyes and stab it where the head meets the neck, then take its head off completely. It sounds like there would be a lot of gore, but there hardly ever was, and I think that made the job easier for me.

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