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Snake Bites and Lice Implants
I had this dream early this morning. (11/26/2018)

I was with my daughter, Lily, and we were riding on some sort of boat with the Queen of England. The boat was kind of flat and I was wearing flip-flops and wanted to feel the water on my feet. I was worried my flip-flops would come off and took them off and put them to the side and let my feet skim the water as we all enjoyed the surroundings. It looked like we were surrounded by forest. Really dense forests. Maybe rain forests? After doing whatever it was that we had been sent out to do, we rode back and there was a nice man who took Lily and me back. When we got home, I thought he had been so nice to us I wanted to do something nice for him as well. I noticed his vehicle was very dirty and he even had spider webs all over the place, so I decided I would wash his vehicle.

I had only gotten one side done when he saw me and spoiled my surprise, but he seemed really happy that I was doing this for him, which made me happy. I was working my way to the back of his vehicle... which I guess was maybe a truck... if a truck only had a truck bed a few inches long. He had a lot of things stacked up on those few inches, though, so I was very careful as I cleaned back there. While cleaning the back, I thought I saw a turtle... but upon closer inspection... it was a small toad with a turtle shell on its back. As I was checking this guy out, a small snake popped up from behind some pottery the guy had stacked up on the back of his vehicle. It was a very small thin snake, maybe a foot and a half long. It was really weird looking because the head and tail were a bright blue color and the middle was a greenish brown. I've never seen or heard of a snake like that, so I didn't want to mess with him, but I did notice that he had his sights set on the toad. I cupped the toad in my hand and got it away from the snake just before it could strike at it, and set it free in some nearby grass, but then the snake came after me. It was really small and I was surprised when it slithered off of the vehicle and came at me as fast as it could. I ran, but it eventually cornered me and I had to grab it. It bit me on my left wrist and top of my hand before I could get it by the back of the neck. I had to kill it and felt bad about it, but I felt less bad about it when I saw the insane amount of venom dripping out of its fangs while I held it there... I used my nails to try and take the head off... but ended up taking off the whole bottom jaw and the top jaw just after the eyes... It was still trying to strike me and I chunked it as far away from me as I could throw, then inspected my hand. Both places I had been bitten were turning a dark black color and I started to get worried.

I asked the man there if he would take me to the hospital and he said he would after he did something. As I was waiting, I remembered that I was hosting a party at an old house. I didn't live there anymore, but I had my parents and a few other people coming by to eat. I went in and was about to cook but noticed that things had been repainted and covered. There was plastic fruit on the counter and the brand names of the pots were covered with metal strips. I realized that my old house was being shown for sale, and got a little uncomfortable, but tried to act normal. Everyone arrived and was talking to one another... I checked on my snake bites and the black color seemed to be fading... I had a hangnail on my other hand, and couldn't resist the urge to try and pull it off. When I pulled though, I could see something under my skin. There were tiny blue dots all in perfect rows under my skin and I had to know just what that was... so I started pulling my skin open so I could see what it was. I used my nails to scratch out and examine these blue dots. They were about the size of a micro bean bag pellet. I dug out maybe 5 or 6 rows of these pellets before I saw a little white bag under my skin too... I dug out all of the pellets and then took out the tiny white bag that said something about preventing lice and other pests. I've never had or worried about lice before in my life, and I guess that was why. I was just about to ask someone about this and if they knew people had been implanted with this kind of stuff, but the people showing the house were coming in and I had to get everyone else out. I woke up before I got to show anyone.

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