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12/6/18 Positive Journey!
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: The DreamBot, Astrology, and Numerology all come together for a magical display of positive influence! The Moon heads towards a New Moon slated for the wee hours past midnight tonight, but first it meets up with Jupiter. This conjunction (in Sagittarius), is very positive as the influence feels like contentment, good mood, good intentions, and spending quality time with family/friends. Numerology of 6 is virtually a direct overlap of that conjunction, in terms of energy influence. DreamBot seems to all that positive energy throughout the run, but it’s more general influence is related to a positive journey, which makes sense because Sagittarius loves journeys and new experiences, which leaves us to the New Moon a few hours after the Jupiter conjunction. The New Moon leaves you with great opportunity for newness in your life. Its less to do with shedding and getting rid of old stuff than it is bringing out new aspects of yourself. This is the time for positive transformation. What in your life has been stuck and repressed? Bring that out in a positive, enduring new life path! Watch the video for more. 

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