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Mushroom cloud and the Sun
The following did not occur in a dream while sleeping.  I was resting with my eyes closed and I was very relaxed.  This is more of a vision with eyes closed.  I saw what could be described to look a bit like cards or Polaroid images.  This all occurred much like a visual presentation with the 'photos' moving into place before my mind's eye so to speak.  The first image was of the number '7' in front of one of the image cards. Then one of the photos showed a large mushroom shaped cloud.  Then this one moved away and another took its place.  This one had the image of a bright ball of orange light which I consider to be the sun.  It also had a few clouds slightly blocking the brightness.  Then there were 3 more images similar to the one of the sun but slightly different patterns of clouds or blocking.  That is pretty much it for what I saw.  
I am posting this mainly because it was an unusual 'presentation' for me.  Maybe I'll dream more.  But seeing a mushroom cloud is disturbing because of its association with atomic/nuclear explosives. All of the imagery felt important.  Does 7 represent time? Sun...the rising sun? Why 4 images of the sun?
Probably not related, but I immediately thought of The Killshot DVD,, in which remote viewers see an atomic/nuclear bomb exploding in one area of the planet, followed by a major flaring of the sun.  One event following the other.
The last couple dream bot runs have featured clouds. You may want to review them to see if anything might relate to your dream.
This is a quick follow up to my original post.  When I saw the images from Paris on April 15th of Notre Dame Cathedral burning I did think of this post of mine.  Though not a nuclear cloud (thank goodness) the white huge clouds of smoke billowing up and out of the Cathedral's roof brought my images to mind. The hot orange red fire burning behind the 3 round Rose Windows looked like the bright sun shining.  It was a sad thing to watch and was upsetting to many people around the world. Luckily it was not completely destroyed and it will be rebuilt. Also artifacts such as the Crown of Thorns  was saved.  I am not sure how the number 7 fits in.  But I did read that the fire began at ten minutes to seven pm.

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