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Farm flooding and grocery store gestapo
Dreamt I walked into a Jewel Foods grocery store to purchase a few items.  As I walked through the store, I saw a pile of baskets to carry items, so I picked up a basket to use.  Store employee screamed at me that I could not pick up a basket in that location in the store.  An absurd new rule. People are looking at me as she is screaming at me.  I get embarrassed and angry, throw down the item I am carrying and walk out the store.  As I am walking out, I see a line of people streaming into the store.  They look ragged and worn out.

Next, I am driving home on a road with farm fields to my right.  The farmland is flooded, and the water is now covering the road in front of me.  Pretty deep water, but I think I can make it across in my jeep.

This dream probably reflects my concern about current flooding in the Midwest, with about 1 million farm acres under water and lots of cattle dead.  Food prices are expected to rise in the next year because of this flooding.
There is an article on strange sounds where the flooding at the start of the year is the worst agricultural ever recorded in us history and it looks to get worse in May into July. You've also got the snow pack at a greater level than in 2017(trouble with Oroville dam) in the Sierra Nevada mountains which means there is definitely going to be flooding in parts of California. The dams and lakes are getting close to capacity, already, without the snow melt yet. The Sacramento valley is 50 percent of the production of food for US and the dams are not in that great of shape and all of them look to be pushed to the max in a few weeks.
I dreamed either Oroville dam or Shasta collapsed sending basically a mega tsunami into the Sacramento valley. Oroville is up 865 feet with vast majority of snow melt to come and they only had the spillway open for a while and then closed it for some reason. Shasta and the rest of the n cal dams are at capacity right now using their spillways...there is some minor damage to Shasta's spillway if you look it up on youtube.
They still haven't opened up the spillway gates except a trickle on Oroville dam and it' 27 ft from going over the emergency spillway once again the rise is a little over a foot a day....if they don't open the spillway or just can't due too much vibration from too much waterflow(too much vibration will cause a dam to collapse)in about three weeks it will start to overflow once again. The governor has had some dam experts come in and take a look at it because it seems to have leakage on the spillway part that isn't being used and that's not good at all. I had another dream that guys were inspecting the dam and the water was close to going over the top and they were thinking maybe we ought to get off this dam soon.
The water level at Oroville dam is 21 feet form going over the top rising about a foot and a half a day and the main spillway is only partially being used and not keeping up with the inflow. The dams on the Missouri river are really stressed out now and the Rocky Mountain snow melt is just starting so definitely not out of the woods yet. There are some things on twitter about the condition of Oroville with jack in Va being the main one. There definitely appears to be water seepage coming up through the dam somewhere and one landslide is visible in pics.
A levee on the Mississippi River in downtown Davenport, Iowa has failed and could put a few of water into downtown Davenport. Oroville dam is 17 ft from overtop once again and they are still only using one side of the spillway to let out outflow which is still under 10,000 a couple of weeks at this rate and it will overtop again. They hurriedly went and paved over a dirt area in front of the emergency spillway and there is still a lot of the snowpack not that hasn't melted yet.
Flooding still going on a lot of places. Louisiana and Mississippi are under states of emergency. It was the first time the spillway has been used in New Orleans twice in the same year to decrease pressure on New Orleans levee's.
And I heard the Great Lakes is spilling into Ohio, Michigan and New York
An absolute banner year for floods. Those two barges( in Oklahoma that broke away last night finally crashed into the dam around eastern Oklahoma...they didn't break the dam up yet but they sunk under the pull of the water and are impairing three of turbines on the dam to work right. The Mississippi river is so high right that the barges can't take goods out to sea because they cannot clear a lot of bridges along the Mississippi. They are going to have open up the Morganza spillway on the Mississippi in Louisiana to take the pressure off the river. That spillway is more than one section and is really massive,too.
The Morganza Spillway directs water from the MS into the Atchafalaya Basin/River. When it opens, farm lands along the Atchafalaya will flood. The Parish I live in will be effected. I'm about 12 miles south of the Atchafalaya River & 1/4 mile from the Bayou Tech so I'm good.  Since the announcement that the Morganza Spillway will be open, I've been feeling lots of sadness in the air.  And hearing it at the stores in my area. People living in the area's that will be flooded are feeling helpless.  Many are staying and going to ride-it-out.

Here is info from one of our local tv stations if anyone is interested.

On a positive note, yesterday morning I rescued a big turtle from certain death in the middle of a street.  I brought it back to the bayou and it swam off a happy camper. Big Grin
Cassandra, lucky turtle, glad you found him.
I am not surprised you are picking up on the sadness. We are barely focusing on this tragedy or the tornados that have occurred. So much grief. I am glad you are out of harm's way and will keep all affected my prayers.
It has become obvious they can't use the main spillway at Oroville dam. It is at 894.24 right now less than 7 feet from using the emergency spillway and more snow( on top of a record amount) was put down in all the storms in late May. Looks like there is no way they are going to keep from using the emergency spillway now and the main spillway has spalling going in on could separate from the rebar and slide down the hill. When it was used for a little bit the emergency spillway was greatly eroded and developed a sinkhole at the top around the weir. I t is suppose to get into the 90's in the first week of June and will step up the snow melt in higher regions. All the cameras except one are working right now. The consequences of a breach and collapse are big time with the Central valley being flooded(some of the most fertile soil in us), wiping out Oroville and everything else that would get in the way of the wall of water all the way to Sacramento.
I drove home from my brother's farm on Monday, and was shocked at the number of farms in Central Illinois that have not been planted.
Levee breach in West Quincy, Missouri tonight and the town is being evacuated right now. Several inches of rain has hit the Oroville basin tonight and it's still suppose to rain for about 2 more hours there. The water level was 895(901 to over top) before the water level thing seemed to have crashed and is still down but the cams are still up. There seems to be no way the water won't go over the emergency spillway now with even more snowmelt coming and 90 degree days starting on Saturday. Lassen peak is still covered in snow. It could possibly overtop tonight with that much rain and saturated soils. It looked like the weir parking lot was getting standing water in it from web cam last time I looked but it's getting dark now. The rain was very heavy at times over the area and you could tell the level had gone up from earlier today without doubt. The dam also seems to be sagging along the road that goes across it and there was a separation between road and dam that appeared but was filled in with concrete.
Calhoun county had a breach in it'd levee last night on the Mississippi river and there is a tropical disturbance hitting se Texas right now and going into Louisiana. They have now opened up all the spillways in Louisiana ahead of the rain.
Flooding is very common dream at the moment, seems to be very much a relevant trend... Worrying indeed.
Finally getting a break from rain. Oroville dam problem still around, however. I had a couple of more dreams about the dams demise. 1. It's something that happens at almanor spillway that causes the eventual collapse of Oroville. There comes an abrupt change in Oroville where one comes in and tells everyone to get out of area where they are working around the dam and he is only one left there while the other employees get away from the dam and tell Oroville to evacuate. 2. It was like standing on the earthen part of the dam and then it transforms into a giant mudslide.
New Orleans is back in the hot seat once again due to just a potential tropical storm Barry which has already dumped 10 inches of rain on New Orleans and the levees and Mississippi river are at or near maximum level due to spring flooding and rain and snowmelt from Rocky mountains to Arkansas. There are closing the floodgates now and the vast majority of it is ready to happen in next few days. New Orleans could possibly be underwater again.
I'm 120 miles W of New Orleans. We are watching it close.
Dodge the bullet for now but still topped some levees and keeping the Mississippi river in some places past flood stage and still early in the tropical season which going to ramp up soon most likely. This season is still going to be a bad year for crops it seems due to late planting all over USA. Taco Bell was out of Burrito wrap dough for a few weeks...finally got some in, however.

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