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A major earthquake in southern california
I had a rather detailed dream about a major earthquake in southern California on a horizontal running fault line that shakes up southern California fairly well and does damage felt from San Diego to Northern LA seeing damage to some buildings. Then seeing a 9.1 mg quake trigger on San Andreas. There is one significant fault line that runs in southern California called the Garlock fault.
Today about a 6.6 hit in the Mojave desert and we'll wait and see if something bigger is in store in a few days or weeks.
Do you live in the area where the quake hit yesterday? Not sure if you watch Dutchsinse on youtube. I find it interesting to listen because he explains quakes and volcano's on a level I can understand.
No, I'm currently in Greeneville, Tn although I'm form Central Indiana. I have seen dutch's videos but I only put my own dreams up here. There has been another Quake in the region around 7.1mg tonight. I noticed that there were two faults that were responsible for the first quake one that runs horizontal and another that runs vertical. I just seen on GLP site that the usgs sent a text to Tulare county that the Garlock fault could rupture within a week with an even bigger quake than 7.1mg today. I mentioned the horizontal Garlock fault in my dream as one it could have been we'll have to see if that particular fault goes or not, however.
Thank you Jawsawtikal!
Speaking of dutchsinse he said someone tried to take him out today while he was with his girlfriend by firing several shots at them but they all missed. It was on godlike productions today.
Wow. Thanks, I'll want to see that.
I watch him Cassandra and it seems more may be on the horizon.
Yep there will be more. I felt the first two. When I say "felt" I mean on a Spiritual level. My Spirit can sometimes feel Earth changes.

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