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Caravan of civilians seeking refuge (long)

I am traveling with a group of people who are all of the same Scandinavian/European culture (people still living with the "old" traditions prior to Christianity).  We are traveling on a long journey in hopes to find refuge.  As we travel, we have been sleeping in large caves, under larger bushes, and smaller trees to keep hidden in the night.

I am a woman:  tall, feminine yet strong physique, strong willed "warrior" woman, conservative with all my attire (always in long skirts and civilian attire).  I do not fit in with the "women" as a group because I am not one of them; my energy is not the same.  I am typically alone.  The men always come to me to teach me, as I can tell they sense my internal power and simply wait for their time to approach and spend time with me alone.  There is always an element of sexual attraction but at the core, we all know that the energies between us have very little to do with mundane sex.  The men seem to have an internal knowing about myself much more than do I; even if they cannot voice it, I can tell, they can sense it, even if they are not conscious of why they are drawn to me.  The men do not have a clear vision of my purpose, nor do I (obviously); it has yet to be revealed.

[All the men in this dream appear be in their 30's]

There is a guy (#1) who is assisting me with the traveling aspect, as I am not familiar with this group and he is helping me learn their ways.

Now, after many days travel, we are at a place like a large farmstead with a massive gathering hall (like an older, large barn).  We are gathering to eat dinner.  Another guy (#2) says, "Hello" to me and I acknowledge him.  As I am mingling through the crowd, I am drawn to a couple of men who have found a page out of an old newspaper and the information is revealing about the perspectives of the people in "the united Union States of America" about 200 years ago:  of course, the words on the paper are nothing as we are taught with today's "propaganda" history and it is truly revealing as to the truth of from whence we've come.

Now guy (#3) approaches me.  He has shorter brown hair and light blue eyes.  He is married but all the men I talk with know marriage is not something that will keep us from talking.  I can tell this man is pretty smart.  He is teaching me more about how this group of people functions.  We eat dinner in a room behind a closed door.  I am thinking how people will talk if we return from behind a closed door,  opening to reveal we were in there alone, so we wait. 

Now the crowd has dispersed and the women have cleaned up.  I walk around and look over the food, of which all the immediately fresh food was eaten:  there's a lot of summer sausages, cheese, pickles, crackers, and enough bananas to feed a large gathering (about 100).  I wonder how I will keep up my energy if I keep eating food that is not fresh.  I notice a place in the room that has running water!  I've almost forgotten how to use it, as it has been a long time:  what a luxury. 

I talk to another younger woman who tells me that she keeps hearing the thunder and the "rain is coming soon".  All I can think about is the mess rain will create and make travel more difficult.

Guy #3 and I walk into a breezeway area and are approached by guy #4, who has dark hair (hair is almost black).  He is talking to guy #3 about spell casting.  Guy #4 has a very old, small book that is black leather bound; the front cover has a weave cut out into the leather.  Guy #4 is showing me how to look things up in the book.  He said certain parts are written in Italian and he must translate them for us. 

We are discussing the necessary spell and he says, "They are coming." The three of us have a collective feeling of, "When will this ever end?"  It feels so dark right now, like evil always wins.  We have been fighting now for well over 2,000 years to keep our culture and our families but "they" have destroyed our tribe, our families and now they are coming for us as individuals. Guy #4 makes it clear that we must keep going because there is no other choice: even with a glimmer of hope, that is at least something. 

We are interrupted by a young woman (late 20's) who has come to tell us that her boyfriend is on his way to ask her mother for her hand in marriage and there is a gathering.  Guy #3 doesn't know her name and she is giving him a hard time about it.  Come to think of it, I don't know her name, either!  I am hoping she doesn't ask me to say her name.  We leave for the house.

I am walking through a small area decorated with yellow walls and light blue trim, there are small hand crafted wooden chairs in this room with a small table: the decorative style appears to be older Scandinavian/European.  I can smell a familiar smell; one I have not smelled since I was very little and cannot place; it reminds me of a very safe, homey place.  I walk past the room up a couple of broader, twisting stairs, down a long hallway, into a dining room that has a couple tables set up and decorated with table cloths and flowers.  I approach the table seeking a space for myself and at least one or 2 for others (as I know the men are not far behind) and as I look more closely, there is a little piece of paper with a name written on it.  I continue to look and all the places at the larger table are reserved. 

The dining room is connected to a living room that is stuffed full of furniture: a variety of upholstered chairs and a 7 foot red couch, there's an old wooden piano (lighter brown and appears to be unfinished wood) in the shape of a very short (shorter than a) baby grand.  The piano sits across from some sort of a small table.  There is also something near the window people are calling the "water chair":  it is an old wooden chair with some sort of water pump that has water streaming over the seat of it (obviously decorative).  So, I can either sit on the floor or try to make it work by sitting in one of the more awkward areas, such as at the piano. 


For me, this dream brings up several aspects:
  • Our past is the key to our future.
  • Anchoring the hard reality of the decimation of tribal cultures around the world and that colonization has not yet destroyed our spirits, but that energy has not finished with us yet, as it already succeeded against the tribe, and the family, and now it comes to split us as individuals.
  • Tribal cultures are not the same as the mainstream "westernized" ways (colonization through the main religious dominations most of us have come to know) and every individual used to have a place.  This dream to me, is telling me that I am still seeking my place amongst the larger tribe and my place gets revealed through relationships with other people.
  • Right now, I am receiving support and guidance through the masculine archetypes.
  • Relationships with others and opposite sex don't have to be dogmatically defined by religious norms.
  • It is "OK" to be different than the group and defined standards of men and women.
  • There is solace for all of us within our ancestral roots; find those who are like-minded and work together through the old traditions.
wow! What a dream! welcome, Venunka

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