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Rebuilding a Village
In this dream, I woke up in a dark room. It's not a room I know in real life but it felt very real and familiar to me in the dream. It was a room in a much bigger house and it was only a small bedroom. My door was closed and there was light shining from the crack beneath it. I could sense that something wasn't right, but it was very quiet and I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong, but I felt as though I should be very quiet because I could just feel whatever was out there radiating just bad, bad vibes.

After laying there watching the crack under the door for some time, I saw a shadow slowly go by it followed by a few other shadows. There were people or things out there and some of them began clawing at the door and beating on it a bit. I felt like they thought someone MIGHT be in here, but not like they knew for sure so they weren't desperately trying to get in... yet. I could see, in my mind, that outside of my door was a very long hall and these people/things were all walking up and down it. I knew I couldn't stay in this one little room forever, but also wasn't sure how I would escape or where I would go if I managed to escape.

As I thought that, I could see out of my eyes and someone else's. There was another girl somewhere watching me. She was deep underground and had dark green hair. She had been asleep for a long time, but had awakened. She was some sort of watcher and talking to me through telepathy.She told me that some terrible things had happened and that she knew I was frightened and didn't know what to do or where to go, but if I listened to her she would guide me out of there, but I had to do what she said right when she said it, because she had other people to wake up and guide. I agreed. She said that I had found myself in a sort of different world. I had access to the world when I slept. It was like I had accidentally slid into a parallel dimension. It was linked with the waking world that I lived in, so I had to be very careful. There was no way that I was going to make it out of this room I was in. The hall was filled with zombie like entities that were just bad, bad things trying to make their way into the waking world, and they did this by sapping energy out of those from that world. If I tried to make a mad dash through the hall, I'd be caught and devoured. The girl told me that the only way out safely was to wake up, but I wasn't sure how to do that since I felt like I WAS awake.

In the middle of our conversation, there was a loud thump down the hall and I heard a huge horde of the zombie like things run at it. I was so frightened by the number of feet I heard running at it, I didn't know what to do but lay in the bed quiet and stiff as a board trying to wake myself up. She told me I wouldn't be able to will myself awake if I allowed myself to be overcome by fear, so I needed to calm down. I was trying very hard, but that was much easier said than done! After some deep breathing I felt like I almost had it, but then I heard a few of the zombie things come at my door and beat and scratch on it harder than before. It made it much harder to keep calm, but I listened to this girls voice and she guided me into a sort of meditation. Waking up felt a lot like falling asleep...

When I woke up I was in the middle of what looked like the remains of a destroyed little village. There were crumbled houses... a couple of small stores. Not super centers like what we are used to shopping at, just little home owned stores that looked a lot like little houses themselves. There were no plants around in the little village, but outside of the village was surrounded by lush, green forests and fields. It looked like a bomb had fallen right on this tiny village and destroyed it. I got up and dusted myself off and saw that the girl had come to meet me in person. She greeted me but explained that she had to leave very soon. Unlike me, she was able to go back and forth between these dimensions/worlds at will and she was searching for those trapped there or lost there so she could wake them up and put them to work in the real world. She said that I had a job to do here and that job was to rebuild this little village so people would have a place to live and be safe. In order to do that, I would also have to be able to go back and forth between dimensions as well. So she taught me how to do that which was a lot like meditating, but it took a great deal of willpower and a strong intention. It was very difficult for me to relax and work at the same time, but I managed to do it. She promised it would get easier the more I did it.

I met her again in the other dimension. She gave me a big sword and said that she knew I had been trained in that sort of thing. I told her that I was good with them back when I was a teen, but that was YEARS ago, and she'd be better off asking me to use a gun or a bow. I didn't think swords were a good idea, I thought the further away I was from these things the better. She said that guns and bows would be useless because I needed to have something connected to myself to conduct my energy which was the REAL weapon. I was sure that I had shot energy out of me in dreams before much like bullets but I wasn't going to argue with her. I didn't like being so close to things in combat and I didn't think Id like swinging swords at things and feeling the impact of that... I guess she knew what I was thinking because she told me that when I got good at channeling energy into simple things like swords, THEN I could experiment with other things, but for now I needed to do what she said because her time was limited. So I did as she said. I was embarrassed that she could read my thoughts.

So after she taught me how to channel the energy into the sword we went walking around. The other dimension looked a lot like the "real" one I was supposed to rebuild, except there was more of a haze, colors were different and gravity felt different as well. I felt very light and I was really fast compared to the "real" world. The sword I had was really big, but very light. I was almost superhuman in this dimension. As we walked around we came across purply-black swirls of energy in the air. They were portals that these things were trying to make in order to get into our waking world. I had to destroy those and any zombie-like things trying to make them. There were only a few and I was surprised at how easy it was to fight. Cutting down these things was not as troubling as I thought it would be. I thought I would have to feel bones crunching and just really, graphically chop these guys up, but all I really had to do was swing at them good and hard and they just sort of poofed away.

After we had cleared everything lurking around the area, we went back into the waking world. The girl told me that I had to be sure to check the other dimension very frequently to keep the area safe of they WOULD make it into the waking world and really wreak havoc... and once in the waking world they would be much harder to fight because I would not have all the extra advantages of the superhuman strength and speed I had in the other dimension. They would be real flesh and blood creatures that could seriously injure people.

After that discussion, she told me to rebuild the village. I was overwhelmed at her thinking I could rebuild all of that on my own. I didn't know a thing about rebuilding. She told me to take a deep breath and remember to do it one brick at a time. Other people were looking for a place to rebuild and I would have help, but what I needed to do was to make my village noticeable by building a "beacon of hope" which was a flag. So I dug around in the rubble and found some materials and stitched together a banner that I erected right in the center of the village. When I set it up, it shot a beam of light into the sky so people could see it. I couldn't believe I was able to do that!

After setting up the banner a few people made their way out of the forest and into the village. I had to go back into the other dimension to watch them come to make sure they weren't "infected" by the zombie things and to make sure they weren't being attacked or followed from the other side. I did this by hiding away in a basement of a nicer house that had been destroyed. The basement had a heavy door and a lock so it was the best place for me to be when I was asleep watching everyone and I was in a very vulnerable state. There was a room down there with a bath tub that filled and could pour water into the entire bathroom which could also be doubled as a giant swimming pool. If I wanted, I could flood this bathroom into a pool and for some reason that seemed like it would help me a lot. But for the moment, I was in another room of the basement which had a metal desk and chair with a working computer on it. The metal was all rusty. There was a nice couch there that I chose to sleep on to watch over everyone. I felt like the girl used a pc to keep track of those in the waking world, and I would need to as well... But for now I needed to watch over them in the other dimension so I slept for a while. When I was sure all was well, I woke up and got to work rebuilding. I enjoyed learning about the people that wandered in. They were each good at something and had something to offer so I gave them all jobs and we worked together rebuilding brick by brick.

Soon after assigning basic jobs for everyone, the girl told me that she had to go back to her job. I was about to be all on my own, which was just a little bit scary. Before she left, she told me it was important for me to remember that I wasn't a hero. There were thousands of people doing what I was doing. She told me to remember not to let things get out of control and to watch everyone very frequently and to not try to take on more than this one small village. Other people were watching over other villages. I wasn't meant to save the world, just to help one person at a time rebuild this village one brick at a time. As long as I did what she said, we would all be safe and happy. She promised she would check in on me from time to time and then she went back to her hiding place. After she left, I went into mine and fell asleep which woke me up.

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